Maori, Samoan and Polynesian inspired tattoo designs, hand drawn tribal tattoos images, by Dutch graphic designer Mark Storm. You can browse the flash galleries on the right and purchase your high resolution tattoo design online.
I also create and sell unique and original handdrawn artworks on other mediums like cardboard and wood panels. I have done a lot of custom tattoo designs, but at the moment I'm too busy with other projects, unfortunately.

I love create unique pieces for my customers, but I get far too many requests and cannot do them all, I'm sorry. Choose from Maori, Shoulder, Mixed or Tribal tattoos in 4 different flash galleries and order your printable tattoodesign with line drawing online.
We use Mark's custom, hand-drawn creations as inspiration and adapt them onto a rugby kit, forming our new "Storm3D Private Label Designs" line. Holland-based Mark Storm of Storm3D is inspired by the Maori & Samoan style and other tribal tattoo styles, like Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Maquesan.

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