The sunflower tattoo is a very bright and beautiful tattoo design that is adored by the people for its meaningful display and rich details.
The sunflower tattoo is liked by both men and women but mostly the latter are seen sporting it. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Butterfly Tattoos, Tattoos On Foot, Hawaiian Flower Tattoos and Hummingbird Tattoos.
The foot of the woman acquires a sunny ambience when the big sunflower tattoo finds a place on it.
The girl got these sunflowers to depict the blooming, affectionate bond shared by her with her best friend. Glowing sunflower tattoo on the side of the girl, that represents the beauty and bloom of female body. The girl expresses her love for her sweet heart with the sunflower and quote tattoo that looks very warm and touching. The twin sunflowers, one big another small, symbolizes the lover and the beloved, that looks very pretty.
The blooming sunflower, covering the inside of the forearm along with pug marks is a symbol of love that follows one’s sweetheart just like the sunflower follows the sun. The wearer got this sunflower tattoo in the loving memory of a friend who always served as great source of inspiration.
The bright and cheerful sunflower, gracing the side of the chest, makes for a pretty tattoo piece. Carved on one side of the chest, this sunflower with three leaves peeping from underneath, makes for a lovely display.
Big and bold, the sunny, yellow flower covering the foot looks very eye-catching and imposing. The bee coming towards the bright, yellow sunflower symbolizes attachment and dependence that altogether makes for an adorable tattoo piece. This is a collage of sunflower, rose and one pink flower that together bring out a fragrant and bright tattoo piece. A different style sunflower tattoo, with a slight tilt, carved on the upper back that looks very classic. The girl got the name of her mother along with the sunflower on the side as a tribute to her memories.
The sunflower has a strong association with the sun-god and people also get it carved due to holy reasons. Elegant and enigmatic, the sunflower tattoo with dark vines looks very artistic and graceful.
Big and blooming sunflowers with eyes in the center that create a mystic tattoo piece on the body.
This is exactly how the sunflower, sitting on the foot, looks like, that is self designed by the wearer. Etched on the side of the lower back, this sunflower tattoo along with a purple dahlia, looks very appealing.

The three sunflowers, entwined together, stand for the lovely family of the wearer, comprising her husband, child and herself. Big sunflower tattoo, created on the upper back, that has a ladybird crawling on the leaf, symbolizing attachment and infatuation. This is a distinct sunflower tattoo, exhibiting royalty and grace that are very complementary to each other. This is the first tattoo of the girl, also her favorite flower, that looks very cute and elegant. The sunflower has a strong association with sun in the Greek mythology and this bright tattoo brings out that myth in a nice manner. Foot tattoo self designed by the wearer that looks very pretty and acts as an ornament as well. Back tattoo with a wolf in the middle of the sunflower that has a secretive meaning, known only to the wearer.
Splendid sunflower tattoo carved on the shoulder that looks like as though it has grown on the surface of the body. Sexy tattoo piece carved with sunflowers, woven together in a vine, that looks quite artistic and alluring.
Three sunflowers with peace sign, earth and yin-yang symbol in the center that stand for peace, joy and harmony. Carved along with the name of the deceased person, this sunflower tattoo stands for adoration.
The ladybirds, adorning the sunflower, create a pretty portrait that symbolizes love and fertility. Tattoo with sunflower and quote that represents the attachment of the wearer with the one who has left for his heavenly abode.
The pair of sunflowers sitting on the chest of the girl, just above the heart, point towards her love life. The girl pays homage to her mother, who died of stomach cancer, with this sunflower tattoo that also bears her name. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Stylespk is Pakistani Fashion Blog sharing the women Thought for each Party and wedding occasion. Sunflowers are cultivated for their edible seeds, from which we can squeeze oil for cooking and margarine. If you are looking for inspirations to get a sunflower tattoo, here’s the list of the best reference. Old school tattoos usually feature big and bold designs with heavy black outlines that are filled with solid and vivid colors.
If  you love the cool and exotic look of tattoos but aren’t sure you are ready to have a permanent symbol inked into your skin, then applying a custom temporary tattoo might be a viable option for you to consider.
One of the major concerns many people have when they first think about having a tattoo done is, are tattoos safe?  Yes, tattoos are generally safe.

The sunflower has a strong relationship with the sun-god, who is worshipped in almost all cultures in one way or another.
Among the body parts that are more favored by the women; foot, forearm, chest and back feature in a prominent manner. Trendy Dresses, health Beauty Tips, Nail Hair & Mehndi Design ideas for girls in innovative way. Sunflower is a very unique flower which is actually composed of numerous small individual flowers and always turn its face to the sun. Common old school tattoos include such images as mermaids, anchors, eagles, snakes, sparrows and daggers. These days it seems as if virtually everyone has some kind of tattoo from the smallest ankle rose to the full body tattoo that those brave enough to have done sport on their skin. This can be a serious personal statement, or simply a way to celebrate something important. This is because of the industry standards that have been put in place and the state and local regulations that are being enforced currently.  The most serious potential complication of getting a tattoo is the risk of contracting blood borne infections such as HIV or hepatitis from a contaminated needle.
Butterflies, ladybirds, other flowers and similar other images are also teamed up with the sunflower to create more alluring designs. Showbiz News Celebrity profile biography and facebook pictures make this blog more interactive for women.
Sunflowers with such heliotropic characteristics is symbolic of one’s spiritual faith.
People with sunflower tattoo love warmth and sunslight, and actively surround themselves with happy people. Most of sunflower tattoos are depicted in yellow color – the color of sunshine, which signifies vitality, joy, happiness, intelligence and energy.
Back in the old days, tattoo machines were rather primitive and the ink that was used didn’t include many of the colors that are available today and the skill of the artist was minimal. Temporary tattoos are available in a font of colors and eclectic designs and look as authentic as many that are permanent and last for a lifetime.
Actually, these risks should fundamentally be zero provided you choose a highly reputable tattoo parlor. According to a Greek myth, the sunflower came into existence after Clytie was turned into the flower due to her constant gazing at the sun-god Helios. Below, we have created a post that features 25 sunflower tattoos in different shapes and sizes.
Where Old School Tattoos Originated Norman Collins, also known as Sailor Jerry, is considered the father of old school tattoos. Before heading out to the nearest tattoo shop, consider what to expect and the safety considerations.

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