One of the largest tattoo galleries on the internet with thousands of award winning designs. This amazing flower is recognizable by its dark center face, which is enveloped by yellow petals. Sunflowers are some of the most vibrant flower plants in any garden, evoking feelings of joy and exuberance in the minds of the observer. These sunflower tattoos can be sported on any part of the body and would greatly accentuate the looks of the wearer.

An indicative of this practice is seen with tattooing flower petals around the woman’s nipples. For numerous centuries, the sunflowers have stirred up the imagination of countless painters to create great works of art. It is thus no wonder that the sunflower tattoo is greatly valued as a priceless form of body art. The sun was highly revered in all ancient cultures, and the flower was likewise named because of its appearance.

It is also referred to in the Greek mythology, where it has been illustrated how Clytie was transformed into a sunflower. Some of the most popular ones include a sunflower with two leaves, a sunflower with a hovering bee, sunflower with one or more butterflies, vine sunflower tattoo, vampire sunflower tattoo and Celtic knot sunflower tattoo.

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