Did you think that the 'S' shield of Superman is an abbreviation of his name, that 'S' stands for Superman? Superman tattoo designs are perhaps one of the most popular designs in the midst of comic lovers, and why shouldn't they be?
He is our hero, and there are a lot of things that we LOVE about him, maybe because they inspire us, remind us of our first superhero idol, or just because they are associated with the greatest legend of the comic world! Perhaps you have overcome a great hurdle in your life, an accident, or a life-changing incident that was more than enough to break you, but you overcame it with power and integrity. He is not just a comic character, but with his superpowers and his mysterious dual life, he has become a hero, an inspiration, and a role model for all those who wish to have a life beyond what it seems to be. One of the most sought-after tattoo designs associated with our hero is his famous seal with the stylized 'S', and now you have just discovered that it is also a symbol used for hope!

There are so many things about him that are beyond awesome―his powers, body, and the overall style he has.
You can ink his powerful punch, his steel-breaking strength, his awesome flying posture, or an even more cartooned form of him. For tattoo enthusiasts, this Buzzle article has a collection of some awesome Superman tattoo design ideas.
This is just one of the few instances where our hero seems to outrun our imagination and ends up doing something far more 'WOW' than we assumed initially. He is the one who made us imagine, see, and (through his stories) believe that the odd guy with huge glasses, over-sized clothes, and a slouched walk can be an extremely handsome hero who wears a suit that makes it possible to see every cut, curve, and muscle on his body!
Just think of the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of him, and that should be your ideal Superman tattoo.

You can put in a quote next to his symbol, or fuse other inspirational elements with his shield, as done in the last image. Clark Kent used it as his seal because of this, and the fact that it was a family seal, as well. After all, truth is stranger than fiction, and who knows if this character originated from reality?
In fact, you can also fuse the Superman theme with a personal experience and get a unique design that is solely relevant to your life, which will undoubtedly act as an inspiration to many.

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