Description: Cool outline stencils of four different flying swallow images in black ink and white background. Keyword: allegory, animals, art, beautiful, bird, black, curve, cute, decoration, drawing, element, emblem, feather, flight, flock, fly, freedom, graphic, group, hawk, illustration, life, nature, object, pattern, peace, pretty, seagull, set, sign, sketch, sky, still, summer, swallow, symbol, white, wing, shape, contour, skeleton, framework, graceful, tattoo, artsy, drawing, wildlife, flora, good, luck, sea, travel, symbolism, meaning.

Cartoon tattoo elements in funny style:anchor, owl, star, heart, diamonds, scull, swallow. These bird vectors are perfect as tattoo for women or man, on shoulder, neck, chest, breast, upper and lower back body part.

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