Tattoo Artists include 3 excellent residents and over 40 national and international guest tattoo artists.
Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Tom Strom, Yang Zhuo, Oleg, Stefano, and many more notable tattooers make stops here, much to the delight of Massachusetts tattoo fans. Off the Map Tattoo prides itself on being extremely clean, Health Educators host their tattoo bloodbourne pathogens seminar here regularly, and every artist uses disposable supplies.

Off the Map Tattoo hosts many advanced tattooing seminars at the studio, and once a year hosts a world famous tattoo convention, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Of course, we cater to all sorts of tattoo fans, as our shop minimum is $100 and tattoo rates start at $125 an hour. 100% of Proceeds going to charity to support the clean up of the Gulf Coast Oil SpillAugust 8, 2010 ALL DAY!

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