Dee Whitcomb is a Lakota Indian enrolled on the Lower Brule Sioux Indian reservation in South Dakota. Although Indian by birth, his works cannot be classified in one genre as he does not only create Indian art.
Educated mostly by the school of life Whitcomb spent many of his years as a professional musician before discovering the art of tattoo. Works currently on display in multiple galleries around the globe including but not limited to, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Weisbaden, Amsterdam, London, Northern Ireland, Miami-Ft. STARBRITEDee Whitcomb is now sponsored by STARBRITE Colors, The finest tattoo color on the market. When Dee Whitcomb creates Indian art it generally has a political or social theme associated with the plight of the American Indian.

As a musician he played guitar for several bands in the United States most notably the Billboard charting act Erotic Exotic. In addition Whitcomb has also created commissioned pieces for numerous internationally known celebrities, musicians, supermodels, professional sports figures and aristocracy. Whitcomb first attended Norwich regional Vocational Tech School where he learned printing and lithography and then graduated from Griswold High School in Jewett City, Connecticut.
However his abilities and themes range from contemporary works to surrealism, abstract, classic nudes, pop art and erotic , with an emphasis on photorealism and modern pinup art. As a tattoo artist he equally excelled becoming an internationally recognized award winning artist within the first 3 years at conventions worldwide. It is only natural as Dee Whitcomb is not only a painter but also a sculptor, musician, photographer, graphic designer, and tattoo artist.

Between these two occupations it afforded him the luxury of non-stop travel for work and pleasure supplying Whitcomb with the creative energy that drives him. In the summer of 2005 he attended a course taught by world renown hyper-realistic artist Dru Blair escalating himself to a level respected by professional artists worldwide.
Due to larger opportunities back in America, 2011 has marked Whitcomb’s return to his homestate of CT.

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