It is absolutely amazing to see how some tattoo artists shines with its incredible skills for realistic tattoos! Matteo Pasqualin is perhaps mainly specialized in realistic black and gray tattoos, but definitely nothing to be ashamed of his color work either!
It’s interesting when you start to get some global overview of realistic tattoo artists and what styles and qualities found in diferent continents and specific countries. Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists.

There are a few tattoo artists in the world that can provide the feeling of sitting and looking at a photograph thinking how it’s even possible to create a work of art on skin that simply makes you breathless. He has an incredible way to use smooth transitions and shading in a perfect balance between the clear highlights and abysmal blacks! Italy is by far one of my favorite countries when it comes to creating innovative and creative realistic tattoo art! He also has a very good technique for using the natural surface of the skin to light areas and creates incredible effects with negative spaces.

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