No one seems to have a color picture of janis joplin’s wrist tattoo and beleive me people have really been looking. Check it out here, and let us know if this certifies the 24-year-old as more than a one-hit wonder. On Sunday night, Wap joined Fall Out Boy at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards to perform "Trap Queen," which has enjoyed plenty of success on the charts, having reached No. Although many rappers have to hustle for years before earning their breakout hit, Wap said he's only been working on music for a short period of time.
He told them that "Trap Queen" was born about a year into his career and that he knew it would be a success instantly. The New Jersey hip-hop artist has released two mixtapes so far, last year's Up Next and, more recently, Zoo Style. Fall Out Boy performed two songs at last night's April 12 MTV Movie Awards, joining forces with Fetty Wap for one tune. Rachel’s Favourite styles reflect her inspiration and fondness of such artists as BorisĀ ( Hungary ), Rich Pineda, Paul Acker, Bob Tyrell, Jason Stewart, Benjamin Laukis, and Mike Devries just to name a few.

Rachel appears to steer towards the more realistic styles with loads of detail and fine lines. Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. The New Jersey rapper slows it down for the new song with his sing-rap vocals gliding over a bouncy beat and shimmering synth.
He says he's been hitting the studio regularly, so expect a new self-titled album to drop soon.
The New Jersey rhymer and the "Centuries" rock band will perform together at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Each displaying their own styles and focusing on the fine lines and extreme detail, Rachel takes from each artist and puts her own spin on it to make up her own unique style. It seems to be a great looking tat and many people are looking fir the famous pic that shows the ink colors.
Real MonstersFrom left to right: Oblina, Ickis, and KrummOne of Nickelodeon’s more unique offerings, Aaahh!!!

Darkwing DuckLet’s get dangerous!Darkwing Duck is the action-packed cartoon starring single parent and duck Drake Mallard, whose alter ego was the big headed and fame obsessed titular character.
Angry BeaversAngry Beavers is certainly one of the best and most original cartoons that has ever aired on Nickelodeon, and how could it not be?It features beaver brothers Dagget and Norbert, who are kicked out of their parents’ home when a new generation of beaver kids are born. Pinky and the Brainpinky and the brainPinky and the Brain is a wonderful concept that started in 1993 as a recurring segment on the show Animaniacs (much like the cartoon in the number one slot). Tell Your Vision: Underappreciated Television Performances Nickelodeon toons, Mario and Luigi, and 80s cartoon art The Best of the Set Pt. Movies we cannot wait for in 2014 American Horror Story: What does Ryan Murphy have planned for season 4?

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