A: Magical bahn mi sandwiches!!!  Combines all my favorite cuisines with Californian seasonal vegetables.
Add all ingredients together except the jar of char- siu, mix well place in a heavy duty zip lock bag and marinate 6 hours. Pack the pate into a container Cover with plastic and refrigerate until firm, at least 6 hours. Connecticut’s legislators are about to do something crazier than Mike Tyson’s face tattoo: create a state licensing scheme for tattoo artists.
But according to the Center for Disease Control, no hepatitis C outbreaks in the US have been linked to professional tattoo parlors (Reuters, 2013). Jailhouse tattooists and dudes in garages are the least likely to become properly licensed. State government already requires licenses for 241 occupations — the 15th most in the nation according to the Institute for Justice. New regulations aren’t likely to deter people who are already doing tattoos from their garage or their jail cell; they just add another burden for everyone else. Carl Zimmer is a blogger and writer for both The New York Times and Discover Magazine, which also hosts his blog, The Loom.  Zimmer writes on a wide range of scientific topics. I had this deep fascination with transhumanism in college (still do, to a degree), and geared up to go to law school in anticipation of the coming legal war over prosthetics and implants. The heart and its surroundings are because the quotes just keep coming up, and I didn’t want to look like the matrix.
On several social networking sites, there are tattooers being called out as art thieves and or “trace masters.” What determines theft of artwork? Judging from my personal clients, they come to me for my professionalism and artistic ability to create something custom and original for them.
So instead of trying to imagine their own personal custom tattoo, they do a search for tattoos that already exists, be it online or through magazines. Almost every single time when a new custom drawing is done, using the reference photo but doing something different completely, the client is ecstatic! Now, there are some tattoos that are iconic, and even tattooers today will create designs similar to traditional tattoos. Tattoo artists and tattoo lovers, no matter how long they've been tattooing or getting tattooed need to be reminded that there are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.
We will have a case of the Tattoo Nation DVDs for sale at our booth at Ink-n-Iron this weekend in Long Beach!
In 1975, Cartwright and Rudy boldly opened the first tattoo parlor in the heart of East LA’s Chicano community.
Freddy Negrete became the first professional Chicano artist employed by a mainstream tattoo parlor – a tattoo parlor that was embraced as a new vehicle for self-expression by the Chicano community in East Los Angeles. For the first time, these legendary figures tell their stories in a feature-length documentary film. Their victories brought international recognition to the uniquely American approach known as “Black & Grey”.
The producers needed to stretch out the length of the show this week, so they added an extra step to the flash challenge.
For the ink challenge, they were each given the opportunity to tattoo someone close to them. The twist this week (if you want to call it that) was that they were put into pairs competing against each other, and the judges had to pick a top and a bottom person out of each pair.
They gave Teresa a hard time, because the tattoo did not have a clear enough meaning on what it meant between her and nerd boy. Needless to say, since the judges were giving Teresa shit for her tattoo, you knew they were going to pick DJ.
Stay tuned for the season finale, where the final Jeopardy category will be, “Farts on Fire” for $400.
I have been so fortunate to meet some amazing people in the tattoo industry, and one of them I really look up to is Debra. One of the bars was a stereotypical NY neighborhood bar, and at the time the legal drinking age was still 18.
The owner was a classically trained chef and had worked as a pastry chef at the Waldorf Astoria. The menu would change, but I remember their chilled cream of cucumber soup, simple salad – dressed with Green Goddess; parsley, tarragon, chives and sour cream, Quiche Lorraine, Coq au vin. My friend and I took the course-figuring it would save us money and we’d learn how to prepare some of the dishes we love.
DY- Don is a much better cook and baker than I am, mainly because he’s more organized than I am.
DY- Actually, the first shop I worked in was upstate New York, a town or two over from Poughkeepsie, where the Culinary Institute of America is- and a few of my first tattoos were of chef hats. DY- What I think is that the dedicated chef is passionate about food and cooking and loves what they do- so often it becomes their life versus their job.
While meatballs are cooking I slice up a bell pepper, a small onion, a tomato and some mushrooms. Saute all ( except tomato) in pan with small amount of olive oil till onions are brown and caramelized. Using pan lid , drain liquid from around meatballs and return to burner for 5 minutes at low. By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder.
Californian greats would be, George Morrone, Jeremiah Towers, Michael Mina, Alice Waters, Thomas Keller and Traci des Jardins. We provide a great service for the individual who walks through our doors; a spiritual healing of sorts and our reputation is everything.
He turned to me and said, “Your getting one too it's on me, pick something.” So of course I pick something small original and different. I like the up-and-comers like Cristo from Polish Tattoo, the veterans like Paco Excel from Death Before Dishonor and then there is Horiyoshi III.

If my kid makes the dumb decision to get a tattoo, the parlor should at least be regulated in some way, the logic goes. One study, for example, found that having at least one tattoo nearly tripled a person’s odds of contracting hepatitis C. Instead, it turns out that it is dangerous to get a tattoo in prison or from a dude that advertises on Craigslist and does it out of a garage.
The people that are already practicing their trade properly will bear the cost of the new regulations while the real troublemakers continue to create problems. The legislature’s Office of Fiscal Analysis estimates that costs will be four times higher than revenue produced by the fees, which will range from $100 to $250 based on the applicant (Office of Fiscal Analysis, 2013). Connecticut is one of just seven states that license tree trimmers and upholsterers, one of three that license home entertainment center installers, and the only state that licenses conveyor operators and forest workers. The US Chamber of Commerce estimated in 2011 that burdensome regulations cost the state more than 12,000 jobs (US Chamber of Commerce, 2011). Fahle is the Policy Director of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy and a former Executive Director of the Connecticut Republican Party. Many of my mental battles have been about accepting organic nature and seeing how it relates to the digital, and wanted to express that by having body art which embraced form.
I'm not sure if it's because all the tattoo shows out nowadays, or the ease of buying tattoo equipment.
I don't believe that someone who wants a tattoo is SO closed-minded that they aren't willing to compromise.
When that happens, since they don't have that artistic vision, like a professional artists has, they get worried about changing the idea, which comes off as stubborn.
They're excited to see their idea realized by a professional artist, and knowing that someone took the time to design a one-of-a-kind piece of art for them alone. That's where I think if an artist that has respect for the fathers of modern tattooing, they should actually give credit, saying something along the lines that it was inspired by the art of Bert Grimm, Sailor Jerry, or Lyle Tuttle just to name a few. Bringing in a picture of someone's tattoo that might have been drawn custom for them not only as a piece of art, but as something personal with more meaning to them than anyone else would ever understand, and then tattooing it on someone without at least trying to change it is very taboo.
The artists that make it are the ones that are willing to take risks and tell their clients, “NO, let me design something solely for you.” Make the client think it was their idea to change it up! It follows three tattoo pioneers, Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy and Freddy Negrete, and shows how a new, fine line style using detail and shading to achieve a remarkable realism revolutionized the world of ink. They hired a recently paroled teenager who, while in jail, unknowingly established iconic images that spoke to an entire generation of Chicanos.
Included are other important figures such as David Oropeza and “Chuco” Caballero, winners of many prestigious tattoo competitions. Four contestants are left in the game show of extreme skill and ability to see who is going to be named Best Ink. The top two contestants would go onto the final, and one of the bottom two would be sent home.
She’s been tattooing for longer than I’ve been alive, and her accomplishments in her work and family life are truly impressive.
Can you tell us a bit about your family dynamic, and how tattooing has played a role in it? So my life revolves around the two. My oldest son was practically born in a tattoo shop and when my second one was born my boss let me bring both of them with me to work.
Both my husband and I, and two of our sons tattoo there and another son has worked the floor, throughout high school.
I love to eat! Really though, I grew up in NYC and neither of my parent’s were great cooks, just simple meal preparers.
I looked older than my age and I hate to say it but by the time I was 16-17 I had a tab at the bar. I remember it was very small with mismatched antique furniture, with white linen table cloths, with candles and fresh flowers on each table. I learned how to make delicious desserts, my favorites being Trifle Chantilly- multiple thin layers of sponge cake sprinkled with Grand Marnier, apricot preserves, toasted almonds and fresh whipped cream, and Pears Celestine – a fresh pear stuffed with a mixture of whipped cream cheese and walnuts in syrup, then dipped in dark chocolate and chilled. I had spent the decade, previous to our marriage- dieting and when we first fell in love, we ate! The first dinner I made for Don was linguine with broccoli and walnuts, Don hates walnuts – but I wouldn’t have known.
I enjoy foods simply prepared and have a fairly unsophisticated palette, so whether or not I enjoy a meal is often dependent on the quality of the ingredients. Ha ha, or at least that’s what I was taught. When we are happy we eat, when we celebrate we eat, and even when we are sad we eat. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Nate Beaver, hailing from Houston Texas,  headed down a troubled road before focusing on his art – specifically tattoo art.
Nate Beaver headed down a troubled road before focusing on his art – specifically tattoo art. In 1999 I decided to go to culinary school in San Francisco (best time of my life) then I made it to the big leagues. The chefs I’ve worked for Micheal Mina, Wade Hageman, Peter Armellino, Steven Fretz, Joseph Humphrey, Robbie Lewis, Jarod Gallagher, Steven Hopcraft (weird to see him on Top Chef) and Joe Cirone. In fact if you don’t use injection drugs, getting a tattoo is the most likely way to get hepatitis C, too (Jafari, Copes, Baharlou, Etminan, & Buxton, 2010).
One tattoo artist described the impact: “It just seems like California has its hands in your pockets,” he said. The CT Department of Public Health, which will be responsible for implementing the new regulations, actually opposes the bill for just this reason (Mullen, 2013).
The Institute also found that nationally, licensing costs entrepreneurs an average of $209 in fees, one exam, and about nine months of training and education (Carpenter II, Knepper, Erickson, & Ross, 2012). Instead, higher taxes and fewer job opportunities lead many people to look elsewhere for work.
If you would gain more dexterity through an artificial limb, is it legal for a surgeon to remove a fully operational biological limb? Whatever it may be, the industry is being saturated with tattooers, and there is a one main thing many of these tattooers are overlooking beside the respect for the craft. The main one being “the customer is always right.” I myself find that to be false, at least when it comes to tattoos.
If they are the type that are not willing to compromise at all, then yes, I would definitely let them walk out the door, and I hope other artists do too.

There are tattoos that are created from classic “flash” and there is nothing wrong with that, it has been around since the birth of modern tattooing.
There are also artists that provide sketchbooks and prints of their personal art, that doesn't necessarily mean they want their art to be copied. The contrast between the black and grey tattoo machine and the color in the ribbon and ring were pretty cool. Her demeanor is so sweet and comforting, when she tattooed me at the last SFO convention I felt like we were just old friends having a lunch date! Prior to opening our own shop, Don and I worked opposing shifts at the same shop, six nights a week. Initially we had a small “family” room set up for our younger children to come to after school, a place for them to do homework, watch TV and play. As I said it was just a typical neighborhood bar, tile floors, long wooden bar, a jukebox- but at the back there were swinging doors, and through the doors there was a beautiful and charming little gourmet restaurant. So, I had left school early and was working two jobs, as a waitress and coffee wagon lady during the week and as a cocktail waitress on the weekends. The best! Unfortunately, I no longer have the exact recipes because I lent them to a chef, that I was tattooing in Florida about 25 years ago and have since lost touch. And I love when my whole family is together for a meal- any meal that includes Don and our five children, our daughter in law, and now our any four grandchildren!
I remember when I was grieving over a loss, well-meaning friends brought food – especially pastries to try to make me feel better. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Now that I’m thinking back I’m not sure what it was or why I actually got it, aha-ha-ha-ha. Add the chicken livers, the bay leaves, thyme, salt, and pepper and cook, stirring, until the livers are browned on the outside and still slightly pink on the inside, about 5 minutes. Rather than mitigating the risks, licensure will compound them as unlicensed artists “go underground” to ply their trade, likely with even less attentiveness to sanitation and safety.
Chief Executive magazine reported that more than 16,000 residents moved out of state last year, one of the highest rates in the nation on a per capita basis (Chief Executive Magazine, 2013). Going to a professional tattoo parlor and finding a reputable artist can reduce the risk a lot, but it is still a risk. But I’ve seen law school brainwash a few people, so I started getting quotes tattoo’d on me as reminders of what I hold dear. A month before I went in for two more lines of code, all the conversations I was having started revolving around how I needed to pay more attention to my heart (I’m a bit of a robot, and learning to interact with emotion for the sake of people I care about has been a long and arduous journey). This is where an artist should take the design and use it as a reference, a starting point, an idea. In fact, there are several books that state on the first few pages not to copy the art but use it as a reference.
When she told me she would like to contribute to our blog, I was so excited to get more of a glimpse into her life and family, and how she seamlessly balances the two. We still had four children at home so that way either Don or I, was there to have dinner with them and usually we’d all go out to dinner on our day off. On our one city block there was an Italian restaurant, a Chinese take out, a pizza place, a German Deli, a confectionary, four candy stores with soda fountains, a bakery, a fruit and vegetable store, a butcher shop, a small supermarket as well as two bar and grills. Due to his previous addictions and troubles, his career was sidelined and delayed for a few years but you would never know it by the quality of his work. Add whiskey, cook until most of the liquid is evaporated and the livers are cooked through but still tender. I walked into Action Tattoo, and Aaron had drawn this thing up – transit lines for the structures we build reflecting the organic world we come from, and the particle trails, and circuits, and of course the heart. Not take it, and trace and tattoo it solely out of fear that they will lose that client and the money. The sketches were judged, but before selecting a winner, the contestants were told to tattoo the portrait that they had made.
Now though, with the extra responsibilities of owning our shop and additional time spent there, we wind up either having to prepare meals ahead of time or going out to dinner, often a few nights a week. That was done by Cristo at Polished Tattoo in San Jose also, shout out to Big homie Paco Excel and Chronic Joe from Death Before Dishonor.
It was the worst pain I had ever experienced and I’ve chopped a nail completely off, stabbed my wrist trying to shuck an oyster, oil and oven burns galore but nothing compared to my third tat. It bled for days and scarred like a bullet wound.
Three lines of code in, I found out about the EFF and figured I should go into helping make a world where those cases happen. There is a huge lack of originality and a spike in theft of artwork with all these new tattooers and we need to clarify what the boundaries are. I haven’t picked up this rag in a long time, but when I did, it had some of the crappiest tattoos out there. There was a weird moment where you found out that not everyone getting the portrait was the parent. It was my first solo dining experiences, without my parents and remember feeling grown up and sophisticated. Each fall, the restaurant would close for one night a week and for four or five weeks they would have cooking classes, where they would teach you how to prepare a five-course meal and then you got to sit down and eat it.
I’ll be traveling the European countryside with my wife and children this year and when I get back I'll be opening up a spot.
So I co-founded a maker space (Jigsaw Renaissance) and a way to link hacker and maker spaces together (Space Federation), and then got into engaging those communities with humanitarian response. Back in the day, this wonderfully professional publication contained construction paper pages of black and white photos of color tattoos.
You best be getting her a ring, my fellow shut-in D&D player, or she is gonna kick you to the curb.
If it wasn’t for Joe coming over to her while she was doing the tattoo and telling her the roman numerals were off, she would have made the numbers all wrong. The face of the clock was fucked up too.
That’s still my focus, with Geeks Without Bounds, we’re an accelerator for humanitarian projects.

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