Who Can I Ask?BA Game Design and Production Management BA Fine Art BA Film and Television BA Design and Digital Arts What can I do? Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 8, 2013Third Annual Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival Hits Hampton Roads Convention Center March and artist.
Photo from Amelia Klem Osterud's "The Tattooed Lady: A History"Inspired by the Ladies, Ladies Art Show, today's holiday gift guide post features books that celebrate tattooed ladies through history. I'm crazy excited about this upcoming exhibit opening December 10th at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Starting off this year's gift guide are my picks for tattoo-themed greeting cards should you be the type of person who puts me to shame by mailing holiday cheer before the actual holiday to be celebrated (and not two weeks later).Of course, nothing compares in my mind to Rolling Stone magazine's Christmas card of a naked Lyle Tuttle (photographed by Annie Lebowitz in the 70s). Because there's such a demand for your work, how do you keep things fresh and find new ideas to answer this demand?
Advertising's mad men and marketers have deemed today, "Cyber Monday," where our consumer fetish can be satisfied without knocking someone over with a granny cart, all for a deep discount. Today is called "Black Friday" in the US where people storm the mega-stores in hopes of getting a Wii Fit half off. Photo by Dan KozmaFor our Vancouver homies, starting tonight through the weekend, The Tattoo Project takes over Performance Works Granville Island for an exhibition that showcases the work of 12 photographers who shot 100 tattoo collectors in just three days. The fine art images that emerge from this experiment constitute a gallery exhibition unlike any other.
See the video below for a behind the scenes peak:The Tattoo Project will be the subject of an upcoming documentary film.
UPDATE: I removed the game embed because the autoload was annoying, so head here directly to play. The premise is this: it's your third week as an apprentice and you get to actually work on somebody. Very cool to find BoingBoing's feature on MIR, the Russian criminal tattoo fashion company and Needles & Sins advertisers. For about ten years now, I've been running into the wonderful Yushi Takei across the globe at conventions, including the Brussels tattoo show this past weekend. Todd Noble TattooingBelgium is a country known for chocolate, waffles, french fries, comics and Jean-Claude Van Damme. One of the greatest spectacles was the Migoii and Sanhugi crew working simultaneously on one backpiece [see below]. Thankfully for my liver, there seemed to be a bit less partying compared to the last few shows I've been to. If it wasn't for Twitter I wouldn't know things like Fake GaryBusey's tips on hookers, the exploits of douches on the subway, and what injustice is being done to our tattooed brethren. A?be in diesem Spiel dein Geschick an der TA┬Ątowiernadel und mache deine Kunden mit einem Tattoo glA?cklich! Se ti piacciono i tatuaggi e vuoi provare a farli sulla pelle dei tuoi clienti, ecco il gioco che fa per te.
Scott Campbell – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaJeffrey Scott Campbell is an American comic book artist.
Please note that many artists book fast and the best way to secure a vendors, tattoo supply vendors, a Shoot the Freak Paintball Game, and more. These titles have all been mentioned here before but worth repeating for those who haven't scooped them up yet. The Ladies Ladies Art Show features the fine art of 50 women tattooists, from long-time veterans of the craft to rising stars. You can pick up a copy at local news sellers in the US & Canada or download the digital mag via Zinio.
It's here that artists, critics, and the public at large weigh in: Is the portrait a likeness--or is it a revelation? What the BoingBoing article doesn't mention is their new SHTRAFBAT military-inspired line where most of the items are vintage or reconstructed military surplus clothing silk screened or altered with the Russian designs. Yushi has been specializing in traditional Japanese tattoo since 1998, bringing his own unique interpretation to the art form.Yushi is currently working at Schiffmacher en Veldhoen Tattooing, home of the original Hanky Panky in Amsterdam, but will be traveling extensively for conventions and guest spots.

It's truly a shame that I suck at taking pictures, because this was something to see, but someone did take a quick video of it (it's less blurry as it goes on). On Saturday, many returned to the HUSA President Park Hotel for post-convention food and drinks.
Si tratta difatti di seguire tutte le procedure correttamente, dal disegno su carta, alla sua copia sulla pelle. When it comes to designs like flowers or women (there are a lot of women in my work), I try to avoid too much detail and information. When you do flash, you can do the same design ten or a hundred times with little variation, but when it comes to my kind of work, people are expecting original art. To make your holiday shopping easier -- and less offensive -- we're working on the N+S Holiday Gift Guide, where we'll feature goods from tattooists, indie artisans, and just cool people who make cool things.
The lines that wound around the Tour & Taxis expo hall both Saturday and Sunday were a great start. It also begged the question: Who the hell are the clients that can withstand that kinda pain? Strange enough, the next day, I was approached by the hotel waiters wanting to know when the tattooed people were leaving. Dopo che il disegno e stato trasferito sulla pelle, prendete la macchinetta ed iniziate a fare i contorni e nella fase successiva a colorarlo. We wrote about its release last November, and it still sits close to my desk for reference. It's an event where tattooed women are celebrated for their artistry and not how they fill a bikini. So we'll be posting these shopping picks alongside our regularly scheduled content over the next couple of weeks.
With the latter, if you work a line too long, the skin starts getting red--keep going and you fail. The 15-year-old tattoo fair is entitled "The Reunion of the Original" and will be drawing top artists including Jack Rudy, Bernie Luther, Shinji Horizakura, and many others.* December 3-5 is the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Tattoo Convention. One of the most difficult tasks in putting on a convention is getting people through the door--people who want to get tattooed. Same thing happened at the London show, but this time, the staff looked disappointed--rather than relieved--that the show ended Sunday. But before I head off to the Brussels Tattoo Convention to show it off, I wanted to give y'all a sneak peak. Si tratta di un gioco difficile e quindi se non avete la mano ferma, sara dura riuscire a fare un bel lavoro.
This past weekend, at the 18th annual Richmond show, Billy's tattoo family got to see him one last time. This is going to be a huge show (more so than usual) with many tattoo legends in attendance as well.
You can have as many burlesque dancers as you can shake a tassel at, but if artists aren't working (after incurring booth costs & travel expenses) then it can't really be a huge success. From sideshow ladies to prominent female tattoo artists, the book looks at how tattoo culture has changed & the roles women have played in it. Prints and individual cards with the artwork are also on sale.* Sideshow Tattooed Men note cards, stamped and embossed on a set of five colorful cards (with envelopes) by Emma Mount of England go for $8 for a set of five. Hoecherl, Melanie Jane, Marc Koegel, Spencer Kovats, Syx Langemann, Aura McKay, Pooya Nabei, Rosamond Norbury, Johnathon Vaughn, Jeff Weddell and Dan Kozma (whose work is shown above). He was loved by many and even immortalized in this portrait tattoo above by Phillip Spearman.
If you fail three times, game over.You get paid for each client, and if you want to make some money on the side after you're done with the tattoo, you can pierce them as well. While I've been tattooed by a few others, Dan is my main artist, having done my sleeves, back, belly, ribs, and my pretty hobbit foot last May. Pencil skirts and pompadours abound in Rockabilly revelry, although largely among Europeans.

Paul, Geek, Brokerman and many others, who have different design needs and pain thresholds. As for guest spots, Yushi will be at Frith Street Tattoo in London and White Light Tattoo in Berlin next month, and in February, he'll be at Italian Rooster in Milan.
Check this fabulous video by Laurens Groven featuring the cars and girls (in some NSFW states of undress; the girls, I mean).
Another highlight of the show was talking with the legendary Henk Schiffmacher, aka Hanky Panky. The photo and the work itself now is dark but as you know, once it settles, we'll get a better idea of what the tattoo will look like when I'm eighty years old. Lars has a new book out called Kalinga Tattoo, which is so gorgeous it warrants its own post.
From March on, Yushi is tattooing at shops in LA, NYC, Seattle, Japan and other cities so check his site for further details and more from his portfolio.
Henk is a painter, curator, designer and writer but it's his tattoos on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam and many other rock stars that have brought him great fame. I arrived in Liege on Wednesday, ignored the jet lag and headed to Calypso Tattoo to start drawing out the work with Dan. That's coming up.* Madame Chinchilla's Electric Tattooing by Women 1900-2003 is a yearbook of women tattoo artists over a century.
Dan thought that we should add flowers on the hips as a base for the work and have the snake moving up towards them. And while failing miserably, I had some cartoon dude with a bad tribal yelling at me via text bubble. Henk was at the show with his "The Encyclopedia for the Art & History of Tattooing" (now available in English), which is filled with random tattoo goodness.
While Dan does mostly freehand, for this work, he sketched it all out and made a stencil for tattooing the next day.Ok, Thursday. Henk said that he'll be opening up a new tattoo museum this summer, bigger and better than his famous original. I'll be there.On the fine art front, the massive canvases of graffiti and tattoo artist Polak One were phenomenal.
I walk into the studio nervous -- about the zombie apocalypse and all -- and find Dan refining the dot patterns in the stencil. I always like to start the needling at the more painful part first, when endorphins really kick in.
My right hip was particularly sensitive because I had zapped an old tattoo a few times and there was some minor scaring and skin sensitivity. I know many expo halls require organizers to use their vendors but hopefully, next year, they can negotiate a better deal. Evidently there were other hiccups because the MC of the show apologized a couple of times, reminding people that it was their first event. We did the lining of the hip and upper thigh part of the tattoo -- and damn, Dan does looooong lines in one shot -- and then worked in the dotwork patterns.
The effect is beautiful, however, and settles in nicely over time.Then came the snake's tail end. I really wanted to grab the bottle of Vasocaine numbing spray I bought, desperate, like a pregnant woman begging for an epidural. But Dan encouraged me to tough it out with only an hour or two left because he wasn't sure how the skin would react. Ok, off to the Brussels convention!--PS: There was some reason for having a Shakira song in the title of this post but now I forgot why.

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