Im a hard working, multiple award winning, professional tattoo artist looking for work in London. Ive been tattooing for 8 years, i specialize in realism but i am very familiar with most styles of tattoo art.
Hey if you are still looking we are looking for an experienced tattooist to join our team in liverpool city centre.
We have a very large studio with nice big windows with natural light and are right in the town centre.

It’s that passion that defines London’s work, and what he believes separates great artists from the rest of the pack. What sets London’s work apart and makes him truly great is his use of color, and that’s why he uses Intenze. We are a lot more busy than London opportunity to,earn ?????? contact me for details Blancolo Tattoo - We make ink do more than you think!
Orange County, California, was a place where punk rock, hardcore, hip hop, and surf culture all melded into one.

It formed a unique style that helped London borrow the best of multiple world and form his own unique voice.

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