Every year Tattoo Artist Magazine (TAM) makes the journey half way across the globe to partake in the festivities at the Milano Tattoo Convention. Below is a list of items available for purchase, including some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Some of these items will be made available for sale after the Milano Convention, please check our Facebook pages, Twitter, eBay Store and website for updates.
Just when I start to think that some of these cats are humble and are willing to learn, then they go say some arrogant stupid shit. Of course on the van ride back to the loft, they had to suck each other off about how good their work was and that the judges didn’t know what they were talking about. After the judging, the contestants were all sent back to the temporary abode to lick their wounds. Shortly after the show, Dave Navarro put up a blog post regarding the whole “not having any tattoos” thing. I remember the first time I ever met you and we hung out one night and it was brief, but it was at the National Convention in Tucson, Arizona outside the bar by the pool. Yeah, and I remember hanging out around there for a little bit and everybody had a couple of drinks and it was getting pretty obnoxious out there and we had a pretty good time. Well, if I back up maybe eight months before that, I had met Henning, and he was a friend of Stephanie Suhm, who I worked with at Melrose Tattoo. I was tattooing professionally for two years before I went there [Europe] and then two years on my own before then, which… Well it counts, but it wasn’t under any sort of supervision. They have turtle shells and webbed hands and feet and usually appear green, yellow or blueish in color.
Kappas love to eat cucumbers (cucumber sushi rolls - Kappa maki are named after them) and small children. Kappas are considered great practical jokers, the often pass loud gas and peer up women's robes.
They love playing games and wrestling and it is possible to best a Kappa in sport and trick him into helping you with farm work or allowing your family to bathe in the river unmolested.
There are rivers still with signs warning bathers to beware of Kappas and there is a whole area in Tokyo called Kappabashi with tons of statues and signs. I held the shop in really high regard, pretty much considered it one of the best tattoo shops in the United States since it’s inception.
SB: Anything in the Japanese-style, Western or American Traditional, or a combination of the two.
One of the most eye-opening moments I had as a new tattooer, I’d been tattooing a year maybe, was when getting a critique from Bugs at Evil From The Needle. Crash spent three days picking out some awesome NEW pieces from the TAM Vault for the Milan Convention, most NEVER seen before. He has been in the trenches for a number of years and is a great tattoo artist that everyone should check out. Tatu Baby’s client got all barfy and so she was unable to finish her tattoo, but what she did finish the judges liked and were impressed by.
When asked why he does not have any his reply was, “I have no problem waiting to get exactly what I want.” Dude.
Jamie decided to finally pipe up about said elephant in said dwelling, but he just sounded like Sir Whines-A-Lot. In my experience, the only people who I have run into that complain and preach about equality for tattooed folks are doucheingtons who have one or two tattoos that they can cover up in the drop of a hat.
Before they brought out the top and bottom contestants, “the gang” put fake tattoos all over Jamie.

And the next day I was just kind of trying to feel around and see who this dude, Robert Atkinson was, and I was checking out the work and found out you worked in Hollywood and then you fucking disappeared! For me it was really exciting because here I was following my dream of going there and working with somebody that was really experienced and getting some knowledge.
They also are quickly won over with cucumbers so mothers often enscribe their children's names onto cucumbers and throw them into the river as a gift to the Kappas in hopes that they will let their children pass safely.
I did my first tattoo around the end of 1996 so that means I have been tattooing for nearly 15 years.
I was originally going to work for Jason Brooks, part-time I guess, but he decided to sell the shop to Tony and I. If you want to stay busy, you do nice work and treat people right, that's the same the world over. Not necessarily full on Traditional Japanese, I love it and I’ve witnessed it first hand in Japan but I’m not from there. Anywho, in the flash challenge the contestants had to put an image on one of Dave’s guitars. He was brought in for the elimination challenge in which the contestants had to do animal tattoos. Jamie has been tattooing 17 years and really has no idea what it feels like when he is tattooing a client. I had a girlfriend who had a bunch of work from him so she took me down there and introduced me to him.
I had never even stepped foot in Spotlight Tattoo because I was way too scared of Bob Roberts.
They are typically the size of a large child and appear to be a cross between a chimpanzee and a turtle. The water provides the Kappa life-source on land and if it is spilled the Kappa must return to the river or he will die. Japanese parents tell their children to bow low to a kappa if they see one, because the kappa will always return the bow, causing the water to spill from it's head thus rendering it powerless.
They are voracious eaters and while cucumbers and children are their favorite delicacy, they will also attack full grown humans, cows, horses and other livestock which they consume by sucking their life force "shirikodoma" (essentially the heart, liver and internal organs) out through the victim's anus. Kappas are still quite prevalent in present day Japanese culture, you see them in signs and advertisements everywhere. The talent in this city alone is overwhelming but I spent some of my time at Rock of Ages Tattoo (ROA). I had a fair amount of offers on the table, but when the opportunity arrived to move here and work at Rock of Ages, I jumped at it. Just when I think I’m getting somewhere and I’m enjoying my work, he’ll bust out something that makes me just want to quit. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it, know your stuff and all but I’m no expert with the stories and all the myths.
Tattooing isn’t everything in life but it certainly has given me a lot and it means a great deal to me.
This far in, looking down the ladder at the people involved in tattooing, attitudes towards the craft and the originality of the tattoo work show, I’m starting to understand more and more what that meant. I would rather lose for doing me than win for not doing me.” Then why the fuck did he want to be on the show? Navarro was alluding to the fact that these were the actual guitars that he plays on stage. You have to know what it is like to get tattooed and to live with it to really know what it is like.

He has no concept of what it is to have a piece of art permanently placed on the body for life. Everybody had stories about him and especially being the wannabe tattooer that I was, I was way too intimidated to go down there, which is kind of funny, because I was at Bob’s house a few years ago, talking about art, smoking all his cigarettes and eating microwave tamales. I went to Sweden and stayed there for a week, then I went down to Helsingor and it was total culture shock for me. Their bodies usually resemble a monkey or upright frog with a turtle like head (often with a beak). The ROA team consists of co-owners Tony Hundahl and Steve Byrne, supported by Jay Chastain and Bobby Padron.
What the pain of getting tattooed feels like or how one area of the body is more sensitive than another, from personal experience. So I wrote him a letter and it was four or five months later and about a week-and-a-half before that convention in Tucson that he came in the shop -this is before we were e-mailing or doing anything else.
I remember the first day in that shop when he was showing me the appointment book, and I was used to doing one or two tattoos a day, which for me, in Hollywood was busy.
They live and breathe tattooing, which has established Rock of Ages as one of the best shops in Austin. Granted, they are his signature guitar made by Paul Reed Smith, but I doubt these are THE guitars he plays on stage. I really wanted to get into a shop and this friend of mine knew this guy (that had a lot of work from Kari Barba. Having the opportunity to work with so many amazing tattoo artists is something I’m always going to be grateful for.
The point was that he should have SOME idea of what his clients go through.” Damn, I actually agree with something Dave said! I’d have an appointment for tomorrow and hopefully somebody came in and got an appointment for the next day.
Oh yeah, she is still bat-shit crazy, but that is becoming an old hat, so it is not even worth getting into her weirdness. I have a few tattoos that I would not get today, but I am okay with them now because that was who I was at that time. I could really take my time and be really creative and artistic and all that shit -trying to figure it out.
In my opinion, whoever complains about being judged for their tattoos should never had gotten tattooed in the first place. And since I had never served an apprenticeship like you -you came up with a lot more structured way of learning things than I did.
Oliver basically said that Jesse’s was the best of the worst, and therefore, Jesse won the flash challenge.
I am also going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think any of the judges have ever preached about how society should not prejudge them for their tattoos. If you got into this for any other reason than the money, and being on TV, you are fucking fooling yourself. In my experience it is really a non-issue for most tattooed folks who have respect for craft.

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