New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. On a a€?Star Warsa€?-themed night episode, the Sith hit the fan for some of the dwindling survivors on Spike TVa€™s tattooing competition show a€“ but one surprise contestant showed some Jedi prowess (even if she has no idea what a Jedi is) that the judges never saw coming. And nobody showed their age more than contestant Sarah Miller, who nearly spontaneously combusted in a geekasm as soon as the storm troopers and clone troopers marched out to the Jersey City park that hosted the showa€™s opening flash challenge. Their task: paint a white clone trooper helmet, with the best one destined to be autographed by George Lucas himself and displayed at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention, where it would be auctioned off for the Make a Difference charity.
Once again, Mark Matthews finishes near the bottom, with a sloppy helmet design that looks like he may have finger-painted it. Clint Cumming finishes with a (inter) stellar design that shows both the contrast the judges are looking for and two kick-ass scenes fromA the films. Clint, though, immediately embeds himself with his clique of tattoo artists back at the loft and plots the best strategy of whom to try to knock off during the elimination challenge. Nunez and his fellow judges are enjoying watching the drama unfold with the rest of the popcorn-eating viewership. Jesse is proven right: Kay, with just three years of experience, and Mark are clearly sinking fast during the elimination challenge, which demands some pretty complicated a€?Star Warsa€? tattoos on some pretty geeky human canvases.
Poor Sarah, card-carrying Jedi, finishes in second place again a€“ though no slouch with a gnarly imperial trooper with a galactic background flush with colors a€“ to her arch-nemesis, Tatu Baby. After he goes a€“ if he doesna€™t turn it around soon a€“ the next one voted off will be a pretty good tattooer.

When Matt Marquez had a bulldog gang tattoo covered up with a gypsy woman on his arm, it was symbolic of a larger transformation from gang leader to family man. The large gang tattoo had repeatedly drawn the convict into street fights with gang members, made it tougher for him to get jobs and was a constant reminder of why he attended 30 funerals of young friends and relatives. Klein, 35, donates his work for gang members trying to change their lives and forswear violence. On Thursday, Klein inked over the bulldog and gang tribute on Marquez’s left arm in a charitable gesture that could help Marquez put gang life behind him forever. Though tattoos of his two daughters, a rubber duck and a purple hippopotamus cover his arms and neck, he knows what it’s like to be judged merely because of his body art. That is why Klein has for years offered his tattooing talent for free to gang members who regret emblazoning their bodies with swastikas, tagger symbols and gang names in ornate old- English lettering.
A lot of Klein’s referrals come from Denver cops who have gotten tattoos at his shop. Several years ago, a hit was put out on the life of a friend of Klein’s who had moved from California to Colorado to escape gangs. Gang members spread descriptions of the man’s tattoos around, much like police sending a description to catch a fugitive. Klein’s friend had his forearm tattoo of a large brick wall with an X over it replaced with an African design.
Klein has turned gang symbols or drawings of AK-47s into beautiful senoritas in sedate country scenes.

He is particularly proud of turning one former white supremacist’s swastika-covered back into a Japanese-themed lake scene with a colorful koi fish splashing out of the water. Marquez, 31, who is on probation for theft and wants to go straight, got his bulldog tattoo in jail from a fellow gang member who used a guitar string as a needle.
Years later, as relatives and fellow gang members were killed or sent to prison for life, gang life lost its allure for Marquez. Marquez has been wearing long-sleeve shirts when he takes his daughter and two sons, ranging in age from 2 to 9, to the park. The conclusion from Jesse Smith, whoa€™s as close to a philosopher like Yoda as there is in thisA competition, is Kay Kutta and Mark will knock themselves off and Clint should be aiming higher with his machinations. He said while they were shooting (the finale will be aired live later this season), the tattooers would act politely to one another for the most part during the challenges, saving their rancor until they were out of earshot.
The Florida tattooer, who has had a forgettable run so far, didna€™t know who Yoda was exactly, but recognized him enough to do a tattoo worthy of a Jedi master.
The deciding factor was how it affected his growing family when he went to jail and his wife considered divorcing him, he said.

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