While he says in his bio that he prides himself on his extensive use of color, the healed backpiece on his Ink Master's profile was washed out, lacked definition, and is in serious need of a touch-up.
Another photo realism artist, Nick has done some pretty amazing tattoos in his short career, if a bit heavy-handed on the white.
I am not going to tell you what he specialises in since I am getting tired of typing r-e-a-l-i-s-m.
Detroit Michigan's Cee Jay “Inky” Jones (yes folks: “Inky”) has been tattooing for 15 years. His inexperience does show a little in his work, although, there is a tribal piece in his portfolio that is quite stunning.
He describes himself as a “ninja duplicator,” meaning he can duplicate any style of tattooing. Owner of Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond, Virginia, Jesse Smith discovered his love for art while living in Germany as a teen. Steve has taught me valuable lesson: I look like a dork when I throw the horns, a-la Ronnie James Dio, in every photograph. It is hard for me to make a good assessment of his work from his profile page because the photos are also in black and white and a little fuzzy.
If you have gotten this far into this post, you are saying to yourself, “What makes this cat (dude, chump, dickhead - whatever) qualified to give his opinion.” Well, nothing really. I have my own tattoo studio in Amsterdam called New Amsterdam Tattoo Studio which has an official Dutch GGD tattoo license and is based at Nachtlab creative spaces (address: Isolatorweg 36, Amsterdam). Every Friday and Saturday I also work at Tattoo Mick (address: Grote Spuistraat 41, Dordrecht) which happens to be the oldest tattoo shop in the city of Dordrecht.
This summer (2016) I’ll be switching towards neo traditional with geometrical elements incorporated. To see my recent work please check out the tattoos I have done in the portfolio section or on Instagram to see more about my style of tattooing. Due to the high volume of requests I might not be able to accept every request but I’ll always do my best to reply to every email.
All films you find on this site are shot, directed and edited by me and my girl Kiki on location in New York, Bangkok and The Netherlands. Also check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where you can find more info about how I work, click here to read it all. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A Baltimore-area tattoo artist is making a name for himself inking 3D nipples onto the chests of breast cancer survivors.
For many women, Vinnie Myersa€™ tattoo shop a€” in a nondescript strip mall in Finksburg, Md.

Lillie Shockney, a nurse at Baltimorea€™s John Hopkins Breast Center, went to Myers after she saw his work on one of her patients.
When he was done, a€?he turned my chair so I could see what I looked like in the mirror, and I burst into tears because they truly look real,a€? she told the Daily News.
Typically in the breast reconstruction process, a nurse or physiciana€™s assistant does the dermal abrasion that creates the appearance of nipples and areolas. When Shockney had it done about ten years ago, she had three colors to choose from: light tan, dark brown or salmon. While color options have since improved, ita€™s hard to match Myersa€™ decades of experience in color-matching and shading.
Given Myersa€™ success, ita€™s a wonder tattoo artists werena€™t brought into the process sooner.
Ray Young has been Tattooing for over 15 years and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education from Millersville University.
I am not here to say anything pro or con about this show or shows about tattooing in general.
He is going to have to step-up his game in this area in order to make it through the season.
Hopefully his relative inexperience will not affect his chances at making a decent showing. Come on folks, not everyone can have a cool nickname like Sailor Jerry, Doc Webb or Rollo Banks. He is a self-taught artists who specialises in black and gray with experience in Traditional Japanese and Americana. Miller is not a fan of traditional styles of tattooing because they are not realistic enough. His profile says that he was introduced to tattooing by a circle of artists that he met while working as a caricaturist at Busch Gardens in Virginia.
If it was a gun you would hold it differently and it would shoot fucking bullets.) He is phenomenal at new-school. He is entirely self-taught and one of the first generations of tattoo artists from his native country.
His portfolio has some pretty unique pieces and I think he can definitely hold his own for much of the season.
Out of all of these artists, I did not see one good traditional tattoo - or any for that matter. I have lived, worked and tattooed in Bangkok and New York and currently live and tattoo in my home town of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). My working days in Amsterdam sometimes vary per month so email me first to check my availability.

Eventually, he stopped doing other tattoos and now works with breast-cancer patients full-time from his tattoo shop. After studying fine art and teaching art, Ray has grounded his Punk Rock and Skateboarding roots into Tattooing for the past decade and a half. Tray’s black work is definitely above average and he can lay down some smooth, clean lines.
If they throw traditional Americana at him, will he be able to pull it off or be set out to pasture?
She states in her profile that she has used her “sex appeal” to her advantage but not to judge a book by its cover.
He credits tattooing to turning his life around after being released from an eight-year stretch in prison.
I do not see any traditional Japanese or Americana so “ninja duplicator” remains to be seen. Steve is the owner of 12 Tattoos in Connecticut and specializes in black and gray portraits and horror imagery. My current waiting list is approximately about 5 months at this moment (sometimes shorter for smaller tattoos). With a keen perception, he has the ability to translate any customer’s ideas into a unique composition for a custom tattoo. It takes talent to make a traditional tattoo stand out and there are a lot of great aspiring artists specializing in traditional Americana needing a payday to help catch up on some bills. He has his own artistic style and set of problem solving skills which give his custom tattoos a signature all their own. Maybe they should rename Ink Master,  “Photo Realism Masters.” With that being said, my prediction is that Jesse Smith is going to win. If you’re looking for one of a kind custom freehand work,  this is the tattoo artist in the Harrisburg Area to get tattooed by.
With that being said, I am here to give you the play-by-play as the color commentator on this season of Days of Our Lives: Tattoo Addition. Keep in mind, like any commentator, my predictions, comments and analysis of the art and artists is my own and does not reflect the opinions or views of Tattoo Artist Magazine as a whole. I may be harsh - sort of like those mean, bitter Olympic diving, gymnastics and ice skating announcers.

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