Hi there, if your still looking for work we have a vacancy opening in out studio in nottinghamm. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post The safety of tattoo ink ingredients? Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Got a consultation next week with a tattoo artist to fix my tattoo, any suggestions? Im from Greece and Im here at this moment but Im available and ready to go work in another country.Im alcohol and drug free. I?ve got a shop on The Costa Blanca, which is really busy at the moment but will die off at the end of Sept when the tourists go.

Have lots of Scandinavian customers who really like my work and would like to see the country where a lot of my customers come from, they?re good people to tattoo. Could work 3 weeks a month through the winter and if you ever fancied working in a hot, busy shop here in the summer, you could come here. From my 12-year‘experience as a tattoo artist I have worked for my own studio for two years and the rest of the period I have been hired by different studios in Bulgaria. I had my own studio since 1998 up the 2 years ago and also worked in few tattoo studios in Greece (Athens, Corfu) If U want can send u some documents from my studio but dont have references becouse system of work in Greece is little different from another country ( its difficult to found legal work with all documents). Been tattooing nearly 20 years and lots of my customers are surprised how fast I can work, could therefore make us both a lot of money!

I can say that for the considerably long period of work and experience as a tattoo artist, I have set for myself a good work hygiene – equipment of good quality, always clean and well-sterilized. In general, in my work experience I have covered all the styles known in the tattoo art so far but my personal likings and preferences are for the fantasy tattoos.

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