After many years of hard work and nothing to show for it, Jericho left the rough environment and poverty that comes with living in a border town behind and he made his way to Las Vegas in search of a better life for himself and his family.
After working at a few shops in town and striving to learn and grow as much as possible, the hard work eventually paid off when Jericho found a home in the productive environment of Starlight Tattoo.When not tattooing and spending time with his girlfriend and daughter, Jericho trains in muay thai, boxing and is working towards his black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu in hopes of becoming a successful active fighter as an auxiliary goal right behind tattooing.

So whether its graffiti inspired, full color or black and grey that you're looking for, Jericho will make your tattoo experience one to remember with a very clean piece of permanent art that shows what determination and hard work can accomplish.

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