When I'm not tattooing I'm spending time with my beautiful wife (I'll always feel like a newlywed with her) spending time with our fuzzy kids, out at the beach, or on a motorcycle. Colbey has brought some amazing drawings from Jacksonville he would like to tattoo while he is down. Here are the designs he would like to do and has some more at the shop if you would like to check them out. I am originally from Midland, Michigan, went to school for Art at Delta College in Bay City Michigan, and headed to California for a few crazy music filled years.

I worked a bunch of crappy jobs for quite a few years, and found my career when I started tattooing at Heritage Tattoo in Bay City (thanks Dave you the man, I learned a lot from you, and respect you more than you know). My Harley-Davidson Softail deluxe is my newest addition to the family along with a little French bulldog named Roxie to match the Harley, in color and exhaust fumes.
So I moved to Tampa in 2004 and worked out of the same shop until June of 2012 when Phat Katz closed its doors. I liked the location so much that I decided to pursue my dream and opened Bay City Tattoos Inc in the same Ybor City location.

I am excited to be living my dream of owning my own tattoo shop and look forward to continuing to "make your body art".

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