I’d like to take a moment to break from our regularly scheduled program on this blog for a public service announcement. The Octopus uses highlights, dark colors, and little bits of black to give the illusion of line that goes with the style. Plan ahead!Of course this isn’t totally possible, but think about what else you could want on your body in the future.
The Octopus’s placement next to everything else looks awesome, even in relationship to Alice. Show up in a shop with an idea and you only get what that artist is capible of doing on the spot, sometimes without references. Rather than let that get him down, he decided to let it fuel him and from that day forward he decided to ignore the naysayers and do whatever it took to learn how to become a recognized tattoo artist. At age 25 he's doing alright, leading the artists at his shop, Savage Tattoo in Ogden, Utah, while also mentoring over 30 artists around the world through his Online Portrait Training System. Tattoo Education Scandinavia – brings professional quality to the tattooing industry! For those of you who are serious in your profession and who wish to obtain qualitative input in an industry that desperately needs to stabilize.
Our aim is to create greater knowledge of those already openly operate as a tattoo artist and piercer. Right now we train environmental inspectors in the country and this work will proceed in 2012. This page will not distribute any kind of material that can be used by scratchers or other rogue practitioners, but is directed only to those who already are professional, serious and open practice.
Are you an apprentice in an open working studio, you will be able to participate in agreement with your supervisor. We at Tattoo Education Scandinavia sitting right now in the Board’s reference group as an expert adviser for tattoo and piercing industry. Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. For over 2 decades, Paul Booth has been the undisputed master of dark art in the tattoo industry. We're proud of the catalog we have of all the great DVDs from a variety of topnotch artists.
It's a great package, nicely produced and presented in a way that explains the process thoroughly, including why he chooses certain papers and other materials. For artists serious about learning up-to-date realism techniques, we also have Nikko's classic first instructional DVD, Tattooing Portraits With Nikko Hurtado.

Last but not least, in order to make shopping at Tattoo Education as convenient as possible, we're now accepting PayPal and American Express, along with all the major credit cards we were already honoring. If you think you might ever be in the market for a back piece, don’t get something small in the middle of your spine. Plus, without more stuff on the chest, you have the awkward dynamic of having a skinny, verticle shape on a large, horizontal canvas. Bring in a bunch of images and have a talk with the artist—then, plan to come in a few weeks later. It is aimed primarily at professional tattoo artist in Scandinavia and those who primarily follow Swedish rules. In order to participate in upcoming events, you should have been openly active in at least one year and hold business tax certificate and able to account for the room you’re working from.
The project aims both to train environmental inspectors in Sweden by giving them the tools to a broader way to make judgments as to whether the premises are suitable for tattooing and body piercing business. We provide information on how to set up a safe studio and how they relate to self-control laws and procedures regarding this.
Combining distinctive brooding themes with his smooth, realistic technique, Paul has set a new standard in black and gray tattooing that has attracted the attention of many prominent musicians and landed him spots on CNN, MSNBC, TLC, Rolling Stone Magazine and countless tattoo publications. Drawing is critical to taking your tattooing to the next level, and for those looking to expand their drawing abilities, it can be a great help to get a look inside such an experienced artist's approach to drawing. This instructional DVD covers: Making Stencils, Stencil Application, Color Palette, Color Theory, and tons of other hints and tips.
These two great instructional disks compliment each other and together make for a powerhouse learning program for any tattoo artist hoping to expand their technique. But, because I work as a graphic designer, I feel the need to explain to people looking to get their first what they should be looking for when they get one. Lots of people have fears about tattoo artists as stereotypes have created a certain culture club associated with the craft. To give those who are active practitioners a broader opportunity to improve themselves by lectures and courses related to crafts.
They also want to find new ways to reach the gray zone, ie those who tattoo and piercing illegal and beyond the current recommendations of such home. Environmental Inspectors must comply with in the tattoo and piercing world through lectures and we create tools for a safer environment for both client and practitioner.
Paul has also been involved in promoting major tattoo conventions, where he placed a strong emphasis on the needs of the artists and encouraged a new kind of experimentation known as The ArtFusion Experiment. This DVD set has some extra features including a time lapse of the entire piece being completed, an art slideshow and other bonus features.

The footage is sped up to view a 6 hour tattoo in a fraction of the time, with a helpful narrative giving you an inside look at what it takes to create Nikko's signature high-contrast airbrushed brand of realism. With a focus on those who already have done this for some time, we want to offer an opportunity to, in a single format to get more useful information that may be useful in the business they are running. New regulations governing health knowledge is not planned in this project, but there is a clear ambition from both industry and The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) is a government agency in Sweden under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to ultimately look at this as well. AFE consists of both private get-togethers and public performances where the artists collaborated on projects in charcoal and paint, often working in a timed rotation where the outcome of each round can go in virtually any direction.
The knowledge today concerning health and the surgery can be greatly improved through training. Content seminars and lectures is available at the The National Board of Health and Welfare website. After many ArtFusion events, Paul edited a full-length documentary film about this dynamic artistic phenomenon. It goes deep into Tony's process, starting with the first rough sketches and then developing that into a line drawing, then a finished, highly developed color drawing, done in his signature cartoon illustrative style. However, it is already a strong recommendation from The National Board of Health for the practitioner to dig into the educational opportunities that are available, this under its own controller walls.
Featuring a wide variety of world-renowned tattoo artists, The ArtFusion Experiment is recommended for any home or studio DVD collection. The project is shaped by the The National Board of Health and has brought in experts for that purpose in order to work with as much breadth as possible. See what the artists are doing, who's available to chat, and most importantly decide if you like the atmosphere.
Do a trial: Any reputable artist should be willing to create a few sample sketches and even let you test drive a temporary design.
This is especially important to note if you're planning a name, cultural symbol or language tattoo. You just have to be someone who appreciates a creative, trustworthy and most of all, clean tattooist.

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