Located in the heart of the Surry Hills fashion district, we are a stones throw from Central Station. Kian Forreal’s main focus with his tattooing is aimed at creating traditional Japanese bodysuit tattoos, which means bodysuit or one of the building blocks that create the bodysuit indigenous to Traditional Japanese Tattoo. The rest of the tattoos support the story you want to tell with the backpiece.? ?The subject matter is enhanced by a background consisting of the traditional elements such as spiral clouds, clouds, rocks, water, fire, waves and wind bars.
Important to notice is that there are different ways to tattoo a man or a women.?? For example you start with the backpiece,  generally speaking for a man you would create a backpiece with a background, which makes it more powerful and pronounced.

For more information on traditional Japanese Body Suit tattoos, please visit Kian Forreal’s personal page. Potentially you can add secondary elements to this to specify seasons or atmosphere, like cherry blossoms, peony, chrysanthemum or maple leafs. For a woman, and this is generally speaking, we don’t always use the background right away so as to make it more feminine in the beginning, once sleeves are added or more body work is desired then a background can be added to tie it all together.
Which then become a recurring element throughout the bodysuit.?? You can start and interrupt a Japanese bodysuit in several ways.

However a woman may certainly elect to have a background added from the beginning if she desires the strong look of a determined female.

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