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Likes -Pudding, candy, blood, bunnies, knifes, unicorns, ponies, death, love and happiness.
Ability - one part of her is extremely good at killing without getting caught, one part of her is extremely intellegent, and the other side of her is extremely good at telling when someone is in trouble and needs help.
History -Amy was a sweet child, an innocent child, until her mother died, and her father went mad. 2nd= Amelia, she is the intellegent one, some people, including her pshycologist, would argue that she is the real Amy, because she grew up and is mentally the same age as she is physically, but far more intellegent.
Personality type - keeps herself to herself and seems antisocial at times however she'll gladly talk to those who get her gender right. History - since she had been a child she'd had 'imaginary friends' but as a child it was fine for her to have them as she was an only child. Personality type: Very restrained and calm, doesna€™t want to be associated with the others. Delilah hisses as she looks in the fridge of the asylum, she wasn't in for therapy yet and besides, even though they'd been here for a few weeks, today she'd finally get to meet the new prisoners.

BodyArtTattooing has been around for thousands of years, thankfully Neil Sinclair hasn't been around that long. Here at Asylum Tattoos we are happy to discuss your new tattoo in depth before we start the tattooing process, we are as eager as you are to get the design right! BodyPiercingAsylum Tattoo's Piercing guru "J" will talk you through the piercing process, his years of experience will help you relax and make the best choice for your new piercing. Click on Piercing on the top menu for some example photos of previous piercings we have done at Asylum Tattoo's. Here at Asylum we work to the highest of standards in hygiene and customer care, customer satisfaction of our work is the number one priority.
Our Tattoo Artist is Neil Sinclair, an award winning and fully qualified artist with 15 years in Body Art.
Neil's speciality is in the field of cover-ups, old, faded or just disliked tattoo's can be covered and incorporated into a new design using Neil's expertise. But when she would randomly explode on everyone, once killing two men, her parents were horrified by their once perfect child. She also has eidetic memory a€“ which has allowed her to learn and master multiple fighting techniques, and learn several languages, well as learning other extraordinary things.

Angel believes that she is doing the right thing killing people, so they wont harm Amy, she is like the misguided big sister doing all the wrong things to protect her baby sis. She had won a golden medal in multiple fields of gymnastics in the Olympics when she was only 14, and continued to do wonderful things while already being accepted into a college. But, while at the zoo, he was attacked by all of the animals at the petting zoo and lost six toes. Zaya was just about to beat the world-champion in a chess tournament, when she took the king and the bishop and threw them at blinding speed.
Before Zaya could do anymore damage, she was tranquilized a€“ they had to call in people from the zoo who would settle down elephants. To make up for another mistake, his parents brought him to a grocery store where he could pick out anything he wanted for a treat.

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