I feel that there is three "credible" styles of harp tattoos: Realistic portraits of your favorite harps (I've seen Marine Bands and Seydel 1847 tats like this that were done really well). Ant138 i checked out some of your videos that was some cool playing.tight nice bending.I Was wandering how long you been playing if you dont mind me asking? Coming from a strong beach culture I find that tattoos, are rarely seen amongst those frequenting the beach.
So is spending a ton of time unprotected in the sun.I've made lots of mistakes in my life and I don't regret one of them. Im kinda like RyanMortos said i would rather use the money for something else, i could get a harp or 2 for the price of a tat. Hi Guys,I'm just back from the tattoo parlor and I'm pleased to show you the fresh result of my tattoo.
Christelle It's fantastic!!!!!!!!!They did a G R E A T Job.I still watch your videos and I am always amazed at your talents.
Always check the work of the tattooist before getting one, and also be 100% sure that you want one before you get inked.I had tattoos on my hands (from a misspent youth!) and I got them removed by laser. Old Skool style "graffiti" tats (think 1940's throwback sailor stuff here), or a modern abstract design (like the "floating ten holes" thing I did for the T-shirts).

The model of course is a ManjiHow about that?Christelle----------Never try to be as good as someone else, succeed to be the best player you can be!
It took over 2 years to get 'em off, it hurt like hell (way more than getting one done!) and has left me with scars as well. I'm kind of leaning towards the modern thing, but also kind of love the idea of an old skool tat. Its funny how it works,i can go for months not being able to nail something then one day i can pick up my harp and eureka!!!i got it,and its those moment you realise its all worth it.A bit like a tattoo,all that pain but a worthwhile end result. Perhaps it's because I have harmonica as a hobby and have other ideas for how to spend that $200 or so.I could not find a *good* image of it online but Jason Ricci has a harmonica tattoo that's cool looking. I now don't go unprotected ie lots of creams, and always a hat and usually before 9am or after 3pm. My main concern is to not make it look too cheesey, which I think would be pretty easy to do with what you typically think of as "harmonica" designs. When I think old skool, I'm thinking flaming heart on the chest with a harp (stylized marine band or something) across it. I had some weird thoughts on this earlier like a harmonica that is made of up of small music notes or something.

Everytime they used the laser my wrist swelled to twice it's normal size and poured with blood.A year after I got the tattoos off, I fell off my bicycle and broke that same wrist. I like the idea of making it more abstract, kind of like the stylized harp comb that I designed for the MBH t-shirts (actually, Preston came up with the idea, and I just ran with it), but I'm not sure how abstract I should go with it. When I think modern, I think something like the floating ten holes (3rd hole will be blue, others will be red or black or something) like on the inside of my bicep or forearm. For me, I don't think I'd really like a realistic portrait of a real harp, but for that, I would think about putting it on the inside of my forearm.
As I had never broken a bone previously, apart from my nose (misspent youth again!)I'm not anti tattoo.
But you have to be 100% sure of the placement and the design before they ink you.I'm currently thinking of getting some sleeve tattoos done (when I get the cash) to cover up a few more "youthful mistakes".

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