Tattoo art is becoming more and more popular and prevalent amongst people from all walks of life. Such books, tattoo design books, are growing in popularity among both tattoo artists and customers. Tattoo design books can also be a great way to display great works of art that have become embedded permanently into someone’s skin. You can find a basic piece of artwork that you’d like to add more detail to or even build a completely new design based on it. The book can be another way to celebrate what tattoo art represents not only for the person with the tattoos but also for the tattoo artist as well.

Its fascinating images exemplify the artful diversity of Chinese tattooing and its common motifs, which are largely inspired by ancient myths and legends.
You can peruse the pages of these books just for fun or you can actually get inspired by one design and use it as an outline for your very own tattoo.
The meanings behind many of these motifs are explored in an illustrated chapter that delves into their symbolism, history and mythology.
Some designs are so good however, that they need to be compiled into one book to be shared amongst all other tattoo enthusiasts. You can take the design to your nearest tattoo parlor and they can create a stencil duplicating the design.

Many of the tattooists presented in the book are also gifted draftsmen: their dynamic sketches of dragons, tigers, lotus blossoms, serpents, demons and so much more are inspiring.

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