Inktribe is a dynamic tattoo equipment manufacturer & supplier, launched in the year 2006 with the aim of making cost effective, international standard safe and sterile tattoo equipment that is easily available to Indian tattoo parlors. We at Inktribe, are very passionate about tattooing, and take pride in providing quality tattoo equipment that matches the highest international standards. At Inktribe we assure you of safe and sterile equipment that prevent health hazards to artists as well as their patrons. Our fundamental tattoo course is the main tattoo course that teaches you everything that will make you a licensed and professional tattoo artist.
The Advanced tattoo course is an extension of the fundamental course that continues when you complete the fundamental course. Therea€™s a chorus of a€?Oh my Gods!a€™ when the girls see the glamorous dresses theya€™re about to pull on for our photoshoot.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It is the brainchild of Dipesh Shah, a tattoo enthusiast himself who felt the need for good high quality equipment during his visits to various tattoo parlors across the country. Our tattoo equipment have been designed and produced by a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of engineering & medical health care. Included is your Blood-borne pathogen certificate which gets you your tattoo license, and a certificate of completion.
In the advanced class, we teach you advanced techniques for tattooing in various art styles.
But thanks to X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlosa€™s canny intuition, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock andJesy Nelson became the showa€™s surprise package.

Theya€™ve created their own edgy street style for the show, but jump at the chance to dress up for the cameras. The need for quality drove him to start his own company, which through extensive R&D, now supplies cost effective, excellent quality equipments. Our tattoo products (needles, grips & trips) are all made from imported surgical grade stainless steel and all of them are autoclave able. We also take you out of the classroom and into a Salvation Tattoo Lounge where we show you how to run a tattoo business. In what has surely been the best call of the series, she plucked them from the hundreds of tearful also-rans at the auditions stage to turn them into the competitiona€™s best girl group ever, and they havena€™t looked back since.Theya€™ve barely had time to draw breath either. Earlier in the competition we saw the adorable Jesy in f loods of tears after a particularly nasty spat of cyber-bullying about her appearance. We cater to all the needs that a tattoo artist may have in terms of equipment and show complete support in helping you to set up your studio. For the record, shea€™s a size 10-12, with the sort of dewy skin and va-va-voom most size zero models can only dream of.A a€?Some of the things people said were just really nasty,a€™ she says, still clearly hurt. This class is excellent if you have ambition to open up a tattoo shop one day or just want to get some shop experience before you get your first tattoo shop job.
Today, Perrie is a€?sick as a doga€™ with a cold, while her bandmates Jade and Leigh-Anne are exhausted. They were up until goodness knows what hour the night before we meet, still working, and deepvoiced Perrie in particular needs her sleep.
And now I think, a€?Oh, I must be all right then.a€?a€?A lot of bullying goes on in schools and ita€™s not talked about enough.

In fact, only the irrepressible Jesy a€“ yes, thata€™s right, the one who was horribly bullied on Twitter for her weight a€“ is firing on all cylinders.
They dona€™t even know me.a€? When I was younger I got bullied about the way I looked and I thought once I was older it would stop. He recently claimed a new girl band is exactly what the music industry is missing right now.Words cana€™t describe the scary, sickly feeling on the results show. Youa€™re performing with all that adrenaline and loving it on Saturday, and then on Sunday ita€™s like somebodya€™s died. I was always the one at school nobody fancied and Ia€™ve only ever had one proper relationship.a€™ She says it was her mother, a hairdresser, who encouraged her. You have to go and get it.a€? I remember standing in the X Factor queue with the thousands whoa€™d been there from 6am. At school I was the swot who had rubbers thrown at her in class until I stood up in assembly and sang.
Ia€™d like to get my mum and dad a better home, particularly my dad because he lives in a tiny flat since they separated.a€™ With so much of a fan base behind them, theya€™re certain to get signed up and stay together as the a€?well-gelleda€™ group they have become.

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