We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. Develop on-trend techniques as you learn to perfectly paint your custom cakes with boutique baker and designer Erin Schaefgen in this FREE mini-class! The overall look of the cake and the fact that I did it freehand, without stencils or anything.
Community Health Certification, LLC was started primarily to offer on-site medical training for a very low price throughout the state of Florida.
Our lastest endevour is to help the thousands of tattoo artists and permanent make-upA artist get compliant with the new Florida tattoo law without breaking the bank. Background: Became a State of Florida certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in 2002 as well as a state certified firefighter in 2003. Underneath sophomore Bryant Ramirez’s Columbia blue and white basketball jersey, a small word is inscribed onto the right side of his chest wrapped around a chained locket with the initials V.R.
His mom, Valarie, died of a drug overdose when he was nine, the same year that he discovered basketball. Though a lot has changed since his mom’s passing, as soon as he gets home from school, he grabs his basketball and heads outside to shoot in the same driveway. It was during his first grade year that 6-year-old Bryant started to think something was different. During each game and during every practice, as he stands at the free throw line he takes a moment to remember his mom. He got his first tattoo in memory of his mom at the end of his freshman year, and the second in September. Before his mom passed away, back when things were rough, Bryant didn’t have a clue that basketball was what he wanted to do.
Since he played with East during last summer and freshman year, Coach Hair says he doesn’t have an entire feel for what kind of player Bryant is, but he can definitely see Bryant’s passion when he plays. Bryant doesn’t know where he will end up with basketball, but it will continue to be the center of his life.

For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. Over the years, our company has continued to grow and reach out to the community in many different ways by offering a variety of training courses. He noticed that his dad’s new house had a basketball goal in the driveway just before she died, so one day he decided to pick up a basketball and give it a try. He had just been dropped off at his dad’s house when he grabbed his basketball and headed outside, now a daily routine. His mom had gone to jail for drugs in the past, so it was easy for him to think that was the case. He moved back with his parents when he was nine and has gone to 11 different schools since. Each pat he does over his chest before he shoots is his way of showing her that she’s still close to his heart. His best friend wanted to be a firefighter, but Bryant didn’t have any idea what he wanted to be.
Completed Bloodborne Pathogen courses yearly, and has taught for Community Health Certification, LLC. Became an American Heart Association Instructor for CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support in 2006. He began to shoot there in his driveway every day after school for fun—for a place to escape to.
The weather was nice and he could hear the squeaking ball bounce up and down on the concrete as he dribbled. The family had recently confronted her about her addiction to crack and medication, but she reacted harshly to what they were telling her. Something his favorite college basketball player Darnell Jackson does in memory of his mom too, who passed away from the same kind of incident.
He hasn’t forgotten her smile or laughing face, and wherever basketball takes him, he most importantly won’t forget who she was and what she taught him.

Established Community Health Certification, LLC in 2006, and continues to offer high quality medical training and continuing educationA for the community.
In Costa Rica, this can mean hello or goodbye, but to 16-year-old Bryant it means love and life. Bryant had just been with his mom the morning she passed before he went to his dad’s house. He got himself up for school, and while only 11-years-old he had to act as if he was a grown man.
This year, during the off-season, he meets with his trainer in Olathe every day; striving to make JV.
Became an adjunct faculty member of Palm Beach State College Continuing Education Department in 2007. And if he needs somewhere to remember his mom a little better, he knows that the good times they had will bounce back to life when the ball is in his hands.
When he stayed with his dad things were better, but since his dad was a construction worker at the time, he couldn’t be around that much. Another beating, and when tiny 50-pound Bryant mustered up the courage to try and stop this man from hitting his mom, he only ended up being struck by this man too. Is state certified as a Fire Instructor II and currently conducts fire training for Palm Beach State College and surrounding fire departments. Became American Heart Association certified as a Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor in 2011.

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