The idea of putting prints on high-quality mesh materials, which are usually used by dancers or actors for their costumes, adds a hint of reality to the designs and makes the illusion work. Those of you who cosider getting some ink done should first consider taking a quick glance at the great new online shop of Wild Rose Tattoo or visit their store – Canada is always a good idea :). We are fans of innovative Latex Fashion, Retrodress Replicas, Vintagedesign, exclusive Burlesque Corsets and Costumes and more. Homewares Browse Blame Betty's diverse selection of rockabilly and pin up inspired homewares!
If you're looking to brighten up your living space or add a bit of a ghoulish touch, shop our diverse collection of pillows, shower curtains, tumblers, and tattoo inspired books.

Choosing the right motive is sometimes a rather spontaneaous decision and so it happends that after a few years you are everything but happy with that decision. Since 2005, Susan Setz, the inventor of tattoo clothing of all kinds has put high value on authentic style and, of course, consults real tattoo artists for the development of her art.
Accessorize your kitchen with our Misfits inspired tumblers, zombie kitchen towels, and octopus tea cups.
However, sometimes the visualization of my characters require a cool all-over full-body tattoo. We carry items that will fit any budget and are sure to please any pin up girl or horror loving rockabilly gal!

Next to a large amount of in-stock ware with diverse motives, Wild Rose Tattoo Clothing offers custmer-specific designs and prints. Wild Rose Tattoo Clothing from British Columbia, Canada will give you the chance to wear wonderful real-looking tattoos temporarily.
Be it tattoo t-shirts, tattoo leggings, tattoo boleros or just tattoo sleeves – there are no limits to your imagination.

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