Docubyte took photos of some of the antique and historic computers at The National Museum of Computing.
The Slow Mo Guys take on the corn drill challenge, where you try to eat an entire corn on the cob as fast as possible by sticking it to a power drill. In 2011, YouTuber themanbatman combined scenes from The Machinist, The Dark Knight, Inception and more to make The Batman Complex, a fan trailer that depicts Bruce Wayne as a schizophrenic. Glass and materials maker Corning Incorporated shows off an amazing use of their Fibrance light-diffusing fiber in these slick luminescent headphone wires designed by Glow which pulsate to the beat of the music. Voltaire was the 18th century equivalent of Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and other satirists. BBC journalist Louis Theroux’s Scientology meta-documentary is a making-of of itself.
The lay-flat BASICS Notebook combines daily and weekly calendars, checklists, goal maps, and blank note pages (ruled or grid), along with thoughtful features like elastic page holders and a place to keep your pen.
Cashing in on the latest version of the first person shooter DOOM, streetwear brand Dope worked with Hat Club to create this exclusive snapback cap that appropriates the game’s classic logo.

If you’ve ever used that spray foam insulation, you know how insanely the stuff expands when exposed to air. Director Tim Cahn’s animated short film merely shows us a rocketship as it leaves the burnt out remnants of Earth and heads towards a mysterious space station.
A wonderfully accurate 3D representation of Bruce Timm’s iconic animated Batman, created by the master figure makers of Kotobukiya. YouTuber Sandurz deconstructs Kanye West’s breakout hit Through the Fire, which showcased his knack for pitch shifted sampling and his (now extinct) storytelling.
Converting Public Domain SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Clip Art in to Coloring Book Pages. This clip art is derived from clip art that was released into the public domain by the Open Clip Art Library. Promote peace art & design, CND Logo, hippy clothes, peace jewelry, peace signs, peace stuff, peace stickers for free on While not a rebel or an atheist, he used his humorous and elegant writing to criticize irrational and intolerant institutions and break down complex thoughts into digestible tidbits.

Predictably stonewalled by the group, Louis decides to use actors to reenact testimonies from former members, which angers them so much that they begin filming him.
Watch how Polylevel puts these properties to good use, as a similar foam manages to raise heavy slabs of concrete and sidewalks like nobody’s business. One lucky winner will receive over $600 in bags: an Anchor laptop sleeve, a Little America Backpack, a Novel Duffel, Trade carry-on, and a Chapter travel kit.
The best part about it is that its two halves are segmented, so you and your buddy don’t have to be lumped in the middle.

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