It’s very common for first time tattoo removal patients to all the office to ask “how much does tattoo removal cost?”  While we understand how important the price of the tattoo removal process is, there are other factors in addition to cost that you may want to consider before removing your tattoo.
When choosing a laser tattoo removal practice, consider these other factors in addition to the price of the treatments to ensure that you have the best possible outcome. Contact Celibre today and get the best value and results from your tattoo removal treatment!
Be aware that results may vary in terms of effectiveness whereby complete removal is possible sometimes, but other times, the tattoo can only be lightened or intentionally faded. Dermabrasion – Dermabrasion should be considered an actual surgical procedure, and always performed by a certified professional. Tattoo Removal Creams  – Creams are used extensively  by professionals to help remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos. For those who don’t have the time, money, or desire, to go through the process of eyebrow tattoo removal and cosmetic makeup removal, this is a list of basic alternatives that might be more helpful. Allow For Natural Regrowth – One alternative to the invasive procedure of removal (if its possible), is to simply allow your eyebrow hair to regrow and fill in the pigment thats not  wanted anymore.
Change Color And Shape-Another alternative option is to add more modification to the shape or the color of the tattooed eyebrow. Camouflage Color –  Of all alternative methods, camouflage color, is the least effective and least recommended.
Recovery and aftercare in many respects is similar to that of permanent makeup application. Determining the success of eyebrow tattoo removal will depend on several factors including type of ink and color used. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A riot of colorful artistic creations adorn the bodies of the younger generation, who are impressed with the results and are equally eager to amaze others – without, of course, worrying about the costs, pain, and the long-term effects of their craze. Some are dissatisfied with the outcome, for others its a health issue, while others may feel they simply don’t work with ones personal needs or lifestyle anymore.
Also remember,  a proper eyebrow tattoo uses semi-permanent ink that naturally fades over time and needs touched up about once a year. The process involves removing the top layers of skin with an acidic cocktail that after applied, causes dead skin to slough and peel off.

Used extensively prior to the advent of lasers, this method involves the wearing away of several skin layers using specialized tools such as crystals, brushes, diamonds, and sand paper.
The benefit of creams is that they are effective in extracting all colors and not just darker shades simply by lifting the pigment  up through the epidermis. Invasive Surgery – For many obvious reasons, this is the least desirable method and should be considered as a last resort for removing eyebrow tattoos and cosmetic makeup in general.
This is a surprisingly effective solution  for those who overly tweeze, wax, and thread their eyebrows. Especially if hair is sparse and can’t or wont grow back, adding lighter pigments and altering the shape with additional tattooing can fool the eye and bring a more satisfying result. In effect, the cosmetic tattoo artists simply applies tattoo flesh colored inks over darker pigments to lighten and cover them up. This may seem logical and easy, but it simply fades your existing tattoo and prevents removal with a laser.
The procedure might require topical anesthetic, but after it wears off, it is important to keep the removal areas clean and dry until scabbing and shedding occur naturally. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will ink you cheap, and you'll be crying to a real artist to have it covered up. Nearly 50 % of these enthusiasts reportedly tend to regret their decisions later – thanks to broken relationships, outdated design, and lucrative job prospects. This is not the same as a tattoo in a regular tattoo parlor with permanent ink. That said, many of these techniques are in fact used for regular tattoos as well, and are not specified only for the removal of cosmetic makeup. Conditons for invasive surgery might only be applicable under extreme circumstances, such as the realization of cancer, for example. You will be left with a greyish faded looking tattoo that cannot be removed (lasers can’t detect it) but can still be seen visually. Lighter colors like yellow, flesh color (used in camouflage color),  and white, are much more difficult to extract and have a limited removal success rate. As traditional methods of tattoo removal proved quite painful, not as effective, and costly, people were forced to live with their decisions until recently. The information provided is to help you discuss your options with your health advisor and certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) about tattoo removal before deciding to go ahead with it. Although this method can be done at home, it is highly recommended that you only have a certified professional do the procedure in a fully authorized facility. Unlike other means of tattoo removal, the skin is kept intact using this procedure and its much less painful than others.

In addition to the pain and recovery period, invasive surgery also carries the risks of scarring, infection, deformities, and sometimes even death. Regrowth can take up  to  three months,  and if certain tattooed areas remain, removal treatment can focus just on those specific areas rather than the whole brow. This would mean that the tattoo faded noticeably, but wasn’t able to be removed completely. Laser treatments for tattoo removal have now made it possible to get rid of unwanted tattoos with minimum pain, side effects, and risk factors when compared to other treatment options.Tattoo Removal Using LasersColored ink applied on the skin is broken down using a strong beam of light, traced along the tattooed pattern. This is  especially important when working with tattooed eyebrows, because for obvious reasons, you should never ever risk damage to your eyes. As a result fewer specialists exist, but the cost is still comparatively low, so make sure to do your research about the quality of the doctor before you choose to get it done. Like other methods, Fuller’s clay might do a great job fading the tattoo, but might not remove it completely.
The number of sessions needed depends on how the tattoo responds to removal and how light you want to it to be. It is also recommended that you have a review of your complete medical history before a removal procedure.
The different types of lasers, or the different settings on the same laser used for removing the tattoo mainly depend on the color of the ink used in the design. The more you can leave the skin to heal on its own, the better, but healing ointment such as Aquaphor can be used to moisturize the skin and is recommended. Overall health helps determine success, but other factors, such as skin tone, immune deficiencies, and pregnancy can limit measuring outcomes.
This is exorbitant considering it probably only cost you about $350 to get the tattooed eyebrows in the first place. Laser treatments for removing tattoos are basically cosmetic in nature, and are not covered by insurance.Quality of treatment and expert professional care, however, should not be compromised for costs. However, no matter how much we try to look after ourselves, wrinkles seem to appear regardless, often seemingly overnight.

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