Unfortunately I ran into a problem the weekend of wearing this costume and ended up with really bad sunburn (probably apparent in a few shots lol) meaning that I very nearly didn't wear the costume at all as I wasn't able to wear the tattoo transfer.
It's not without it's drawbacks though; I may peel a little on the day around the edges and it looks crinkled when I move but hopefully the crinkle will only be noticable from close-up.
We ended up using only of those CO2 spray on tattoo kits and a stencil, it takes a long time to apply but it's flexible and it doesn't come off. I bought some printable tattoo paper as an alternative to hours of painting on a convention morning, and ran a quick test for Revy's tattoo.
It does feel kind of like wearing a sheet of plastic fused to your arm tho xD I must admit. November 1, 2015 by Dee 6 Comments Yesterday, I celebrated Halloween with my former flatmates Cate and Tatsie. After polishing off dinner, we went into a nearby washroom and put on our costumes and makeup. After changing and taking photos we walked to the Clarke Quay square which was overflowing with people. There were also free fake tattoo and face painting services on the perimeters of the crowd, so we went and got some tattoos but the face paint already ran out. After the performance, the host, DJ Ross, brought 10 best costume finalists onstage and asked the crowd to help judge who the winner was by their applause.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a photo of him because I was too far from the stage, but I was later able to get a photo opportunity with one of the finalists, a woman dressed as Maleficent. After the program concluded, we had some photos taken of the wonderfully creepy¬†stage design. So we left the bar area and walked towards the mall, where we plonked ourselves down at Sque and had my favourite Brothers Toffee Apple Cider after a confusing moment when two different waitresses gave us different info on which ciders on the menu were on sale or not. This has got to be the true sign of the ultimate Vampirella fan - a permanent record of your devotion on your body.
I do have a nice blank spot on my upper left arm which would be ideal for a Vampirella tattoo. Though I like all the tattoos shown, I do like the vivid colours and fine lining of the Gonzalez' Vampirella on the right. Regrettably, I don't have any information on this tattoo, but it is obviously based on the classic Gonzalez pose. However, it is nicely done, makes a change from the more "traditional" choices of Vampirella iconography, and I do like the skulls! The gold bat logo is missing from the lower abdomen part of Vampirella's costume and her bracelets are the wrong colour.
Craig Hammond from Delaware, USA, dropped me an e-mail with a photograph of a Vampirella tattoo he had done in 2007.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Thankfully my friends banded together and helped paint me a brilliant tattoo <3 ^^ Thank you! That's the beauty of printable tattoo transfer paper :D and why I chose it cos Revy's tattoo is huge, as you know from painting one, so I didn't want to be have to spend hours painting it on. I was glad we had decided to eat dinner at the mall because it would have been impossible to get quick service at the bar area! We tried to at Highlander, but they said you needed to spend a minimum of $100 per head to get a table, so umm… no thanks. The best shot of her neck tattoo I've found is from way early in the manga, from just before Revy challenges Rock to the drinking contest.

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