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Unless you don’t care who sees your tattoo, you might have a hard time finding Maori tattoos that work for your lifestyle. This cool Celtic design is a must have for tattoos, t-shirts, websites, collages, illustrations, frames, backgrounds and logos.

Henna doodles vector for your traditional Indian ink design, ornate borders, floral patterns, mandala and Hindu graphic collection. If you decide to get a Maori design, you should treat it with great respect – in the Maori culture, it is tconsidered an honor to have Ta Moko (tattoo art). Many of these complex designs have super-thick black lines that take quite some time to fill in. In traditional Maori culture, each person’s tattoo art was different, depending on his or her ancestry.

Your tattoo artist may be able to help you customize a Maori design to fit on your arm, leg, or back, though. You may even have to have your tattoo done over several sessions if you’re going to get a large piece.

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