Dolphins are widely recognised as extremely intelligent mammals, rather like humans but in an underwater world. Pisces Tattoos: The Pisces sign of the zodiac is represented by two dolphins, and therefore makes a popular tattoo design for anyone born between February 20 and March 20.
Cultural Significance: Dolphins play a huge role in Celtic belief, associated with the power of water that allows us to rejuvenate. The Popularity of Dolphin Tattoos: This kind of tattoo is extremely popular on women, showing beauty and grace of the dolphin itself. If you are a fan of nature, and of water in particular, then choosing a dolphin tattoo design is a great way to represent this side of yourself. Gun Tattoo Designs: Gun tattoos can range from a simple black outline or silhouette, to a more detailed version of this weapon. Gun tattoo designs are often accompanied by a message representing the values that the gun is there to immortalise on the skin. The bull is a popular tattoo design, both as a symbol of the Taurus sign of the zodiac and as a powerful image in its own right. Taurus: Those born from April 21 to May 21 will be born under the sign of Taurus, and will be strong and determined. What The Bull Represents: Much like those born under the star sign, the bull itself represents pure strength and stubbornness.
Cultural Symbols: The bull has been used to symbolise important beliefs and power in many different cultures. The Sitting Bull is a very famous image of the bull that’s commonly used for tattoo designs, depicted as the skull of the bull.
Types of Lion Tattoo: Lion tattoos come in many forms, and may include different poses as well as either the head or the full body of the lion.
These designs are also perfect as a way of representing the courage to stand up for what you believe in.
When it comes to more elaborate designs, lions are more suited to savannahs rather than jungles.

Rose tattoos have been some of the most popular tattoos for decades, both with women and men. The Meaning of Rose Tattoos: Roses have been admired for centuries, and as far back as ancient Egypt they were used in tombs. Rose Tattoo Designs: The kind of rose tattoo you choose may depend on the meaning that stands out most to you.
The colour you choose for your rose tattoo is said to affect what it means, where black roses are associated with death, red roses associated with love, white with loyalty, blue with originality and yellow with friendship.
Native Americans see the dolphin as a kind and wise animal, sending messages from deep within ourselves.
However, dolphins are also popular in a wide range of situations as a way of remaining ourselves of the free spirit that lies within all of us.
There is still a view of power that comes with a gun, and the symbol is especially fascinating to men. They are also popular with those who have an affinity to hunting, or even those who just want a symbol to represent strength, power and the desire to fight for what you believe in whether that means for your country or for certain values. However, it is still possible to incorporate more interesting colour schemes, especially when the gun forms part of a larger design. This is a great tattoo for those who have fought to get where they are today, and serves as a constant reminder of important goals in life. Choosing a tattoo of a roaring lion is a way of showing your strength to the entire world, where some will choose to get a lion resting to show a less obvious, inner strength.
However, they can also be combined with less realistic images and vibrant colours for larger pieces.
Popularly used by bikers, they now appeal to all kinds of people and are especially popular with those choosing their first tattoo. In ancient Egypt they became a symbol of secrecy, and were popularly worn during religious ceremonies. The Virgin Mary is symbolised by a rose without thorns, and the Knights Templar also adopted the symbol of the rose.

Some popular rose tattoos make use of a simple black outline, though they also range in complexity, up to large pieces making use of other symbols, animals or flowers for a more elaborate and noticeable design.
However, if you want your design to be truly unique then it pays to work with the tattoo artist and create something a little different.
When we see dolphins in our dreams they are widely regarded as a positive image, bringing with them messages of hope. These days, gun tattoos are even being used as symbols of peace acting against gun violence. Some people will simply make use of a gun that looks like it’s attached to a holster, where others will use two guns as a way of pointing to an area of the body. The bull as depicted in Greek mythology is white, though people often choose a black bull or colourful images. Work with your tattoo designer to alter standard tattoo designs to work with your heritage. The second meaning reflects the personality of those wearing the tattoo design, showing their pride or strength. Sometimes designs are combined with other animals as a sign of peace between different species. For those who want a smaller, simpler tattoo then a lion’s head is often the perfect choice. The face of the bull is also a common choice, and one famous version of this Taurus tattoo is seen on wrestler, the Rock. Whatever design you choose, it’s important to find a tattoo artists who understands the subtle differences between each type of lion.

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