After getting a tattoo, the tattoo artists give certain instructions that need to be followed. Tattoo, no doubt, does look good when it’s finally done, but there are certain health issues associated with that as well.
Removing a tattoo is sometimes impossible and sometimes it’s possible to rub them off one’s skin.
Some of the most popular tattoos include star shaped tattoos, tribal tattoos, angel, cross, wings, butterfly, phoenix, dragons, fairy and even animal pictures are considered to be some of the most wanted tattoos of the day. Here we present you with an amazing collection of top 25 tattoos Designs that people love to see.

Some of the artists say that one should keep it covered for at least 24 hours, while some suggest that after few hours the bandage should be removed.
The removal of the tattoo can be done by getting the different treatments and one of the treatments is done by use of laser.
It’s said that the pain that one gets while getting a tattoo is far more than the pain that one gets at time of removal of the tattoo. Earlier, the tattoos that were made weren’t as colorful as the tattoos of present times are.
People who have a sensitive skin, sometime get infected form the ink that is used for the tattoo.

Along with all these cares that one has to take, another important thing that one should keep in mind is that when the tattoo starts to heal or dry, they form the shape of flakes, which should not be removed at all because that can damage the tattoo.

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