The Tibetan word poon-tsok, seen in the images directly above and below, is a contraction of poon-soom-tsok-pa, meaning, in a scriptural context, 'possessed of the three: grace, glory, and wealth', and by extension has various meanings, ranging from wonderful to excellence to prosperity. This sample features what we might call a pseudo-vertical arrangement of Tibetan script: It is in fact written as horizontal text, converted into an image, and then simply rotated 90deg. Here we have what we might call the true vertical arrangement of Tibetan script: In terms of computer-aided design, the Tibetan target text is, again, typed horizontally, but before converting it into an image it needs to be broken down into discrete units that can be stacked vertically.
The Tibetan target text shown in this image is a portion of a an adage I translated for one of my clients. I have recently been experimenting with different advanced types of script-arrangement, and have started offering more adventurous script-forms, such as circular and spiral.
Twirling a piece of text into a spiral (with decreasing font-size etc.) is what many would consider the ultimate challenge in script-design. The large version of the above image is quite impressive and most people would probably consider it more suitable as a wall-hanging than a tattoo. Approximately one-half of the people who approach me for a Tibetan script design primarily wish to have one or more personal names converted into Tibetan script for a name-tattoo. One of the concerns is that the grapheme-clusters in the (non-Indo-European) Tibetan should represent the phonetic structure of the (Indo-European) Western names as faithfully as possible, which is not easy at all; in fact, most transcriptions of Western names that appear on the Web and in print are very poor as most (Tibetan) people do not bother or know how to transcribe them properly.
Let me explain what I mean using a concrete example: The name below was transliterated into Tibetan applying more or less the same rules as apply to the transliteration of (Indo-European) Sanskrit into Tibetan. UPDATE: I have prepared a rough-draft version of the previously announced large PDF file containing nearly 100 English and other Western names converted into Tibetan script. Note that the iPaper is extremely useful for quick online previews of documents, but does not fully convey the superb "finish" of the original PDF.
The finalised file will contain over 100 English, Spanish, German, French, and other Western names transcribed into Tibetan script, and will soon be available for purchase and direct download via this page. Owing to popular demand I have finally decided to begin offering Tibetan tattoo designs executed in scripts other than Uchen. The various Ume (dBu-Med) or 'head-less' scripts, on the other hand, are normally found in hand-written documents; they are traditionally produced manually (hand-calligraphy) and rendering them through mechanic or electronic means seemed a bit incongruous. It has thus become possible for me to start creating Ume designs through electronic means without any sense of incongruity, and to great satisfaction of my customers! Though this piece was created more than 1 year ago I have only now come round to adding it to the Website.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The above image was not created by Tibetalia, it has been included here merely for educational purposes. Thank you for taking a few minutes off your busy schedule to view my humble Tibetan Script Tattoo Designs page. If you are a returning visitor you may wish to skip down to the updated paragraphs in green.
Life is hard indeed, in this turbulent age more and more people are experiencing spiritual confusion and even physical strife. I have observed that to many, marking their body with a visually pleasing image of a meaningful phrase or name is a way to emotionally deal with their problems.
Regardless of whether you are here because you are looking for a visual expression of your deepest thoughts or whether you have a more happy-go-lucky attitude and simply want to play with whatever comes your way in life, if you are, at this stage, considering getting a Tibetan Tattoo, or a tattoo in some other language, please continue reading to learn how to proceed.
Though I regret no longer being able to accomodate with new designs potential customers who truly cannot afford to pay much, I am, on the other hand, happy to announce a new scheme whereby I will be offering greater value for money to customers willing to pay at least 8EUR. All customers placing an order for a new Tibetan Tattoo Design will, subject to certain conditions, be able to obtain one complimentary Tibetan, Japanese, or Sanskrit Tattoo Design (from the existing Tibetalia Designs archives) completely free of charge.
I am perfectly aware that most Tattoo Studio owners do not place due importance on the correctness of exotic-language tattoo designs.
If you submit a name for 'special treatment', or have further requirements such as unconventional tattoo design, extra fine Tibetan fonts, specification of the meaning of the individual Tibetan syllables employed etc. However, if you are in a hurry or simply require a straightforward translation of a few words and a JPG image of Tibetan glyphs for your tattoo, it is completely safe to ignore the small print and you can use the Contact Form immediately below to state your desires. NOTE (EARTH DATE 14 DEC 2009): I have just returned from my latest bout of hitch-hiking through the Galaxy, not a little warp-lagged (to say the least), hence the delivery of your orders for new designs may take up to 10 days. Also note that If you use the Order Form below you consent to being mercilessly spammed anywhere between 0.77 and 1.88 times per year! NOTE (14 SEP 2009): I have just packed my towel for my next bout of hitch-hiking through the Galaxy, hence will not be taking orders for any new Tibetan designs till further notice. However, any and all existent Tibetalia Tibetan designs that you may have discussed with me or found elsewhere on the Web remain available and will, upon payment, be dispatched by my assistant who, owing to motion-sickness, never leaves the good old Earth! Like so many things in this day and age, the above Order Form seems occasionally to malfunction. ALTERNATIVES: 1) Try again later or 2) Send me an Email directly or 3) Check if I am online by adding me to Skype etc.
In a situation like this, the words of God's Last Message to his Creation spring to mind: "We Apologise for the Inconvenience".

If you are thinking to submit a name, or have further requirements such as special tattoo design, extra fine Tibetan fonts, specification of the meaning of the individual Tibetan syllables employed etc. NOTE 1: If you submit a personal name, please bear in mind that it is common practice to transliterate, not translate, all Western names into Tibetan syllables of a corresponding pronunciation that bear, wherever possible, a positive, or amusing, meaning. NOTE 2: There is no adequate solution to the problem of diphthongs, word-final consonants, and multiple consecutive consonants (all three types being abundant in Indo-European languages such as English but virtually non-existent in modern spoken Tibetan). NOTE 3: As with idiogrammatic languages such as Japanese there are usually numerous possible Tibetan transliterations for any given Western name, albeit for different reasons.
However, if you pay 16 EUR, you will receive two different Tibetan transliterations, one being the simplest possible phonetic breakdown as above, the other utilizing more complex grapheme-clusters (corresponding to spoken syllables) that bear auspicious or amusing meanings.
Thus, owing to this particular PDF advantage which enables tattoo artists to work off enlarged printouts, I now offer the option to generate PDFs for more demanding customers.
NOTE 7: You may be able to obtain a Tibetan Tattoo Design for as little as 2 EUR if an image of the sort you desire already exists in my archives. Some people try to create their own Tibetan script designs and in the process may come across certain tools such as an automatic Wylie to Tibetan converter. Generally, anyone not literate in Tibetan trying to ascertain the correct shape of Tibetan glyphs corresponding to their (English) words with the intention of having the glyphs tattooed would be well-advised to think twice, unless you are willing to risk ending up with something like "chattering" permanently tattooed on your skin when what you had in mind was in fact "Catherine"! Unfortunately, even some sites that offer human translation often come up with very dubious results. They will (usually) charge you a fee for the job, but in some cases your payment does not guarantee correctitude: you may still end up having "what-what" on your body instead of the intended "(Year of the) Mouse" etc. In conclusion I would like to say that for the discerning tattoo-seekers floating about, lost in (Cyber-)Space out there, I guess there is no other way but to consult an expert, keeping in mind that as of now, there are only a handful of reliable people offering Tibetan Translation or Design.
NOTE 10: Last but not least: please do not take the word quick in the Quick Order Form above too seriously! Not to mention that I frequently pop out to Outer Space to hitchhike through the Galaxy and it may take several Earth days before you receive my response. Once your payment has been received, an Email with an attached JPG image (and any additional file types you may order) containing the actual Tibetan glyphs will follow. Last but not least: Most people are not aware that my designs usually are delivered with a considerable amount of linguistic information.
Note that the iPaper is extremely useful for quick online previews of documents, but does not fully convey the functionality of the original PDF. Special rates apply for transliterations of personal names into Tibetan or Tibetanised Sanskrit.
The vibrant cardinal is antiophthalmic factor favorite Edgar Guest of most any avid birder. By coloring or painting these powerful symbols, we also become a part of the circle, which involves us in the cyclical nature of our bodies, our lives, our thoughts, our emotions, just about everything. To access the free mandala coloring pages, simply click on the images below and they will open into a PDF format where you can command your computer to print them.
I hope you enjoyed these thoughts about using mandalas, and enjoy these free mandala coloring pages too. Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time in society as well as mass societal opinion.
This website strives to provide you with the best, time-honored information when defining signs and symbols. Having said that, it's in our best interest to invest the time to do personal research on symbolic events happing to us. Welcome to typically the most popular Real 's blog, together with testimonials, industry information, and buying guides. Poon-tsok is also used as a personal name, usually spelt Phuntsok, so this design can be used as a Name Tattoo as well. Note that unlike the sample above, here the individual glyphs (representing syllables) remain horizontal, however, the string as a whole is vertical since the units are arranged into a vertical column.
Incidentally, the ability to do this is not some 21st century luxury - Tibetans used to inscribe their charms in such delightful shapes already thousands of years ago, albeit much more painstakingly, syllable-by-syllable.
It can be viewed immediately below in iPaper format - I recommend trying out the different View Modes, such as "Scroll", "Book" etc. Purchasers of this unique collection of Tibetanised Western names will, of course, receive the original PDF without superimposed logos or other protective measures. It is particularly recommended for tattoo parlours, however, there will also be an option to purchase a selection of only 5 names for non-business purposes.
The details will be explained to you by Email once you have submitted the Order Form below. The file will cost about 50EUR, meaning that by purchasing this PDF you will be paying about 20X less per name than when buying names individually. Upon clicking "Submit" and "Continue" there should be a "Your Data Has Been Sent" notification.

The doubled fee also entitles you to a brief consultation as to the choice of the meaning of individual Tibetan syllables. Unfortunately, viewing and printing the minutest details of the script while retaining the high-definition quality is simply not possible with images. Images remain the basic format and PDFa€™s can be had for a small additional fee to complement the images. For example, popular names like John or frequently requested words such as Survivor can usually be had for just 2 EUR. While this Wylie-Tibetan to Tibetan Uchen Script Converter itself seems to function correctly, there are not many people who will be able to give you the correct Wylie transcription to input.
They prefer scooping whatever poor-quality or outright erroneous material they can Google to paying a very modest amount for designs that are prepared by linguists and hence assuredly correct.
Therefore, if you are in a hurry I suggest you check my online status via Skype, MSN Live & Yahoo!
I have therefore prepared a PDF version of the Email that is sent to purchasers of one particular item entitled 'There is no Death, only a Change of Worlds'. You may therefore wish to download the PDF and also print it if you are going to study the details. Wooden crosses that are tangible expressions of a deeper The crisscross of Redeemer is invariably at the center of.
CRUCIFIX AND wooden cross designS BFTA Olea europaea Wood Carving Crosses by Philip Daoud 8 670 views 7 Building. Beyond The Picket Fence Patchwork Scrap Wood Cross Jenna Cooper How some one would sleep together this case of blueprint and crisscross worked together with During XXV years of ministry I have designed. What's cool and highly important is that signs and symbols earn their most powerful meanings from our own personal perspectives.
This website is just one perspective in an ocean of variety and diversity in the realm of symbolism. 5 times the length (or height, rather) of this image, and he eventually had it tattooed down the entire length of his spine.
This sample features a more modern "charm": an introductory clause to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Tibetan Uchen Script, arranged in a spiral. Firstly, it it an abbreviated version of the famous, beautiful, and profound poem commonly known as the 'Salutation to the Dawn'.
If you enter your address in the EMAIL field below you will be notified once I am ready to resume my Tibetan-related activities.
However, I understand most people simply want a Name Tibetan Tattoo for its visual aesthetic effect, in which case there is nothing to worry about. My eBay items will typically cost much less than custom-made designs ordered via this Website, possibly as little as 0.50EUR. It can be viewed immediately below in iPaper format - I recommend trying out the different View Modes, such as "FullScreen", "Book" etc. Hence, an image like the two above will cost 10~40EUR, depending on factors such as size, and primarily on how much manual correction is required.
Small-size, lower resolution versions of these designs will cost you only a Euro or two, but I do not like to let go of the higher quality images too cheaply because I put considerable effort into these Tibetanised names. Secondly, we prepared it in one of the best Devanagari fonts available, thus ensuring that the design reflects all the calligraphic rules that apply to hand-written Sanskrit.
Moreover, you shall thereafter mercilessly be spammed anywhere between 0.77 and 1.88 times per year! Moreover, even when text is magnified the edges of the graphemes do not become jagged at all.
There will also be a sprinkle of Japanese (Kanji) and Sanskrit (Devanagari) Script Tattoo Designs.
If I am on the same planet as you, not sleeping, and in a good mood, I might even churn out a rushed Tibetan design for you! Tholepin it A full project tutorial for how to guile an ornate wooden cross my New Mexico heritage has antiophthalmic factor huge impact on my design aesthetical today. Measure from the top and placed the cross limb at the wooden cross design appropriate Use type A straight to get the pieces perpendicular. This design is exclusive to King Cross clip graphics styles admit crucifixes simple wooden crosses rosary crosses contemporary brush throw crosses copies of ancient cross designs and ornate.

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