I know a lot of people that get tattooed there so it has a really good reputation so I trusted them to do my tattoo for my kids. All the artists had great portfolios but I saw a lot of their work around so I knew they did good work.
I like traditional tattoos a lot and this one is kinda traditional so maybe some swallow tattoos on my shoulders to go with it, I think they look real sexy.
Red shows up really good on my skin so I knew the flowers had to be red which made roses seem like a good idea.

The roses took about an hour or so to tattoo and the name part took hardly any time at all. I had been thinking about getting something for them for a long time but I didn’t know what I wanted. I went into the tattoo shop near where me and my friend work and while we were in there talked to an artist about it. I’m really glad I got the name tattoo because now I always have my kids with me and they love it too.

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