Four leaf clovers are said to be originated with Ireland’s famous legendary supernatural beings, the leprechauns.
Today, four leaf clover tattoos are still very popular especially among the people of Ireland.
Other four leaf clover tattoos designs comes in green and plain colors integrated in Ireland’s flags, Celtic crosses or ribbons to emphasize its bond with the Ireland’s unique custom and historical folklore.
Over the years, the four leaf clover still remains to be a symbol of fortune and good luck for many people who still believe in supernatural aspects of life and fate.
Finding a four leaf clover is extremely rare and is believed to be an omen of good luck and fortune for someone who finally found one.
It is considered to be one of the most common symbols of Ireland and known for its great impact on the country’s culture and tradition.

It is believed that these hills are inhabited by small, solitary creatures known as the Leprechaun. Many individuals spend hours of searching for four leaf clovers yet remains to be disappointed because of its extreme rarity. Leprechauns are believed to be evil spirits with abundant fortune and wealth that when one captures this being entitles him to three wishes in exchange for the leprechaun’s freedom.
The fourth leaf is said to have been caused by a genetic mutation and the most intriguing of all is the size of fourth leaf which is generally smaller than the other three. This makes the Four Leaf Clover Tattoos an extraordinary kind of plant that brings out man’s positive stance on what life should be. Patrick’s Day is a widely renowned tradition among Irish people and four leaf clovers will never be left out when it comes to celebrating this event.

That is why four leaf clover tattoos come integrated with leprechauns because their rarity brings an unimaginable good fortune that many people desires.
The Shamrock leaf demonstrated the Holy Trinity and that God is divided into three divine spirits which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
This makes the Four Leaf Clover Tattoos similarly related to the spiritual values of many Irish people over the years.

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