Are zodiac tattoos (aka astrological tattoos or horoscope tattoos) the right choice of tattoo image for you, or will it turn out to be a tattoo you regret?
Do you consult your horoscope on a regular basis, and have you gone so far as to have a personalized chart done? Positive qualities: bulls are very practical and have a big sense of responsibility (they are very reliably). Negative qualities:crabs can be over-sensitive, moody and they have a hard time letting things go. Negative qualities: the scorpion can be jealous, closed, stubborn and sometimes aggressive and cruel.
Body Part: to add even more symbolism to your zodiac tattoo, you can place it on the body part that is connected with your constellation. Go Tribal: you can use your zodiac sign or animal as a centerpiece for a tribal tattoo design.

If you do decide to look into zodiac tattoos, don’t overlook the many classic or gothic renditions.
Some zodiac symbol tattoos are more open to interpretation than others, in terms of the images used to portray them.
Others, like Libra or Taurus tattoos, are more limited in their representation, but can still be depicted in a variety of styles. The zodiac system we talked about on this page is the system that's popular in the Western world, but don't forget that other cultures have different systems, like the Chinese zodiac or that from the Native Americans. That indicates that astrology is part of your personal belief system, and that you take it seriously enough to consider zodiac tattoos. The human race has always been fascinated by stars, it's no wonder that zodiac tattoos are so popular. Sanskrit and Tibetan work very well for zodiac tattoos because both the zodiac system and these old languages originate in the same period of time.

You may also find that several people who are important to you have the same sign, so a single tattoo could be a tribute to all of them. The first holy books (the vedas) were written in sanskrit and Tibetan is the language used in many Buddhist scriptures. The sign is that of the twins, but there’s almost endless variety in the artistic representations of twins that you can find. The element of the Archer is fire for example, so what about an archer with arrows of fire as a tattoo design? Besides that they are very beautiful and elegant scripts, ideal for the basis of your tattoo design.

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