The one single thing that makes dolphin tattoo so popular is the nearly universally positive symbolism behind a dolphin. Dolphin tattoos are among some of the most prevalent tattoos commonly being designed and inked. These creatures typically are very free spirited and thought to be very delighted animals which have fun.
This article points out some of the hidden symbolism behind a dolphin tattoo and why they are so prevalent. A great many people go for dolphin tattoos these days and many of them have the same reasons for doing so.
We are told our whole lives how friendly and smart they are and people seem to have an affinity for them not unlike the way they feel about the great whales. One thing that cause dolphin tattoos so prevalent is the almost generally positive symbolism behind a dolphin.

There are not too many people out in the world that wouldn’t admit that liberty, pleasure out of life and joy are bad symbols.
Guys are into the ocean and surfing or body boarding often loves to obtain dolphin tattoos done. The fact that dolphins are very free spirited animals and seem to always be having fun jumping around in the peaceful blue waters of the ocean has a tendency to create a symbolism about them that we relate to fun and having a good time.
Being from southern California myself I love dolphin tattoos and the significant behind them.
This is why many people believe that a dolphin tattoo has become such a popular one to get.
A dolphin tattoo is a good little reminder to you to have pleasure out of life and spend some time just frolicking around and get pleasure from life.
Most people instantly have a vision a wonderful ocean that is wide open and they can often view that dolphins were frolicking around and having a leisure time.

For many people is simply the idea of a totally free spirit out on its own and being the master of its own destiny. This certainly leads most of us to the manifest symbolism behind dolphins and dolphin tattoos. A dolphin tattoo can be a great little reminder to have fun out of life and stay free wheeling.

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