At the Kozmetic Klinic we have the latest laser technology and highly experienced technicians, allowing us to specialise in laser tattoo removal.
The clinic is very well established and is dedicated to making our clients feel comfortable, confident and happy with their results. With our Q-Switched laser, knowledge & expertise we are able to custom tailor tattoo removal treatment programs to suit each individual and their tattoos. Previous methods of tattoo removal include dermabrasion (removing layers of skin), Cyrosurgery (freezing the tattoo and peeling it off, sections at a time) or Excision (cutting out the tattoo, sections at a time).  These methods are extremely severe and can result in significant scarring. Tattoo removal treatments must be 6 weeks apart to ensure that the skin is completely healed in between treatments.  If treatments are performed before the skin is properly healed,  there may be a chance of scarring.

One of our experienced technicians will advise you on consultation and customise a treatment program specific to your individual needs.
For those with very sensitive skin, a topical anaesthetic may be used along with cooling ice packs to reduce discomfort and swelling. We can completely remove a tattoo leaving clean skin, fade a tattoo to allow for it to be easily covered with a new tattoo, or partially remove a tattoo. The Q-Switched Laser offers significant advantages over previous methods of tattoo removal such as Salabrasion, acid solutions or incision. The Q-Switched ND YAG works on the principle of selective thermolysis, delivering light quickly and at a very high energy level.  This energy exposure selectively destroys the foreign pigment contained in the tattoo, breaking it into small particles which are then removed by the body’s immune system.

With the cool-air flow to soothe the treatment areas, there is no scarring and very little discomfort, allowing for more effective treatments.

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