I have recently been getting lots of emails and facebook messages from  people asking about how to paint flash, what they should paint and what I use. So I thought it maybe useful to some of you guys to write a blog about how I draw and layout my flash sheets.
I always do my flash in watercolour because I enjoy working with it most  and I’m really comfortable using it. So the biggest battle when doing a set of flash isn’t actually painting it and drawing it but thinking up the designs and ideas you are going to do on it! For my first set I did a colour “mock up” version of all the designs so I knew how I was going to do the shading and colour each design, I didn’t want to mess up one design and have to throw the whole sheet in the bin. When I have enough designs or think I have enough designs I will photocopy the line drawings and think about the layout and composition.  Its good to see all the designs rather then just a pages worth, then you can play around with the whole set rather then each page at a time. Now that you have the layout done trace the designs onto your final sheet, I always use a good watercolour paper because I do my flash in watercolour. Once you have all the line work done then get on with colouring them, whatever your chosen medium may be. I simply could not depart your website before telling you which I truly enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors?

I especially love the idea behind this painting, it stimulates me to create my own painting ideas. Thank you so much for your thoughts on Painting tattoo flash Craigy Lee Tattoos , I totally agree with you.
So hopefully this will be useful to some of you that have emailed and asked me about helping you on facebook etc.
But use whatever you want, some artists use prisma colour pencils I bought a new set of flash from Ian of reading this year and the whole set is fine liner with pencil shading and it looks fantastic! The first set of flash I did as an apprentice was basically all the best designs and ideas from my sketchbook redrawn and painted. You may find one design fits in with the rest of the designs but doesn’t work on a single page but if you swap it over with another design it will fit right in. Remember if your going to do watercolour flash trace your designs with a waterproof fine liner!!!!!!
As I said before I do mine in watercolour for tips on watercolour painting read my previous blogs. I was thinking, do you feel newsletters are nevertheless an method of marketing on the net?

I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. If you like how watercolour looks but it is a bit daunting for you try watercolour pencils to start with.
Its so helpful.So i want some details for sharing this side with a number of my close friend.
I have finally discovered a Natural way to remove those unwanted names and images that I got when I was so in love and thought it would never end. Once again, I appreciate all your work and also providing a lot awesome ideas to the audience. But I will always help people with drawing and design questions, get good at drawing because if you can’t do it on paper you won’t be able to do it on the skin! Once I have finished the painting I coffee stain the background, I have two different shades that I mixed up myself, first go over with the lighter mix then just before its dry go over with the darker one.

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