Chris Park who is best known for producing rock illustrations under the moniker of Pale Horse Designs is the creator of the font – Fearless Script. If someone likes some big Gothic-style lettering then Fette Fraktur is the best choice for him. Angilla Tattoo ia True Type font and is favorite among those who want a flavor of bikers cultures rather than the full Harley Davidson. Bleeding Cowboys doesn’t need any introduction as this font is most potential of all the above featured above. The Most Hilarious Pranks Ever Performed In Public… I Started Yawning Watching The Yawning One. Fearless Script is an Open Type font that includes both uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals punctuation marks and vector swashes.

She has created four commercial tattoo fonts but we will be talking about the one that bears her name. It is an open type font containing 5 weights and 6 element fonts that can be quickly combined with black line work and you can also change the color of the fills or gradient for the effects.
It is so clear that one can even be able to read a sentence or two without even needing a eye break. This tattoo will look like as it was created by a 14 year old but if used with some thought and subtlety it can give a nice burned in effect.
It is also an Opentype font that includes both upper and lower case letters with numerals, punctuations, alternates and vectors.
Although Bleeding Cowboys is free for personal use but if one wants to use it commercially you need to contact the font’s designer.

The font is free for personal use but if one wants to use it commercially you need to contact the font’s designer.
It was a carnival, circus and tattoo sign shop from late 1800s as told by its makers at Decade Type Foundry.

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