Besides choosing unique Tattoo Lettering Fonts, you can also adding small things to be drawn on your tattoo.
Tattoo Fonts, aka tattoo lettering, tattoo script is loved by people who like to precisely to express the meanings of their tattoos.
Even though i like cursive and calligraphy fonts a lot but trying these new creative ones can be exiting.
People also prefer to have script tattoo so they can have the name of their soul mate on their skin.

If you want unique script tattoo, you can choose Hiragana or Hangeul to be written on your skin.
In this post, please enjoy the collection of 70 examples of awesome and inspiring tattoo fonts designs in action. If you are included to this kind of people, you can have a popular quote, the name of your soul mate, meaningful words or number, as a tattoo on your skin. Many people choose Old English font which has many additional lines that make their tattoo looks like an art.

Since it is permanent, it is better if you do not choose your boyfriend’s name because someday you can be broke up with him. All the fonts have been used in the real fonts tattoos, both for men and women if applying different styles or contents.

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