The name Miami ink tattoo gallery has something to do with “Miami Ink,” a reality show that you can view at the TLC, otherwise known as The Learning Channel where you can find several famous tattoo artists affiliated with “Miami Ink.”  These are 6 expert guys out there who are known in the field of tattooing that include Kat Von D, Yoji Harada, Darren Brass, Chris Garver, Chris Nunez and Ami James. The Miami ink tattoo gallery show has a line up of Kat known as the “Queen of Portraits” who fills-in for the role of Darren due to an injury he sustained, and Yoji as a newcomer who became an expert tattooist later on. There is no doubt that all of the tattoo artists in Miami ink tattoo gallery are capable of providing you with the best meaningful tattoo design that you can be proud of.

None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. The drama also includes Darren, the nice guy profile, Garver, as the clever one, Nunez who has lots of sex appeal, and Ami playing the role of a tough guy.

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