Serious brow devotees flock to Amy Jean for her signature Feather Touch Tattoo treatment - this micro-pigmenting technique transforms sparse brows into perfectly symmetrical plush arches that elegantly frame the face. Unlike the harsh block tattooing of the past, Feather Touch Tattoo looks completely natural because it mimics the real brow hair and can be individually customised.
Australian Vogue, Elle, Shop-Til-You-drop, Women’s Weekly and the Sydney Morning Herald have all reviewed Amy Jean Linnehan's brow work as an exceptional art form. Anaesthetic is continually applied to decrease any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Depending on your needs, brows can be subtly coloured or completely remodelled as each new strand is intricately etched and coloured by hand. A hypo-allergenic pigment is implanted into the skin and will generally last up to 2 years (results will vary depending on the clients exposure to sun and resistance to pigment). Depending on the depth of colour requested, most people are comfortable in public within 2-5 days. All initial tattooing includes one complimentary retouch within 6-8 weeks of the first application.

When showering please take extra care to ensure they are kept as dry as possible as this will help the pigment settle into the skin for longer lasting results.

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