Gun Tattoo Designs: Gun tattoos can range from a simple black outline or silhouette, to a more detailed version of this weapon. Gun tattoo designs are often accompanied by a message representing the values that the gun is there to immortalise on the skin.
Angel tattoos come in many different forms, sizes and colours, making them popular for both men and women alike. The Guardian Angel: This is perhaps the most common form of angel that people feel connected to. Fallen Angels: These display the battle between good and angel, and can represent a similar struggle in the wearers life. Religious Depictions: The tattoo you choose should have deep meaning for you, which is why many go for religious symbols. Japanese tattoo designs have become more and more popular in the Western world, including that of the samurai warrior.
The Meaning Behind Samurai Tattoos: Historically, samurai warriors lived by a strict code that was based on fundamental values of honour, courage, respect, loyalty and benevolence. The life of a samurai warrior was not easy, and they never knew when one day could end up being their last. Samurai Tattoo Designs: Tattoos featuring samurai warriors are usually some of the most elaborate tattoos available, especially in traditional Japanese culture.
Samurai warriors are best suited to larger areas of the body, though smaller motifs can be taken for use on more discreet designs. When choosing this tattoo design it’s important to find an artist who understands the meaning behind the tattoo especially if you want to replicate the style of Japanese tattooing. Mutiny Tattoo, The Old Chandlery, Medway Bridge Marina, Manor Lane, Borstal, Rochester, UK, ME1 3HS. Get a FREE copy of "Getting It Together" sent right to your inbox when you join our mailing list!
There is still a view of power that comes with a gun, and the symbol is especially fascinating to men.

They are also popular with those who have an affinity to hunting, or even those who just want a symbol to represent strength, power and the desire to fight for what you believe in whether that means for your country or for certain values. However, it is still possible to incorporate more interesting colour schemes, especially when the gun forms part of a larger design.
The angel is primarily connected to religion, being a messenger sent down to deliver the word of God to humankind. Many believe that they are protecting mankind, where others may have a much deeper connection.
Archangels are the closest to God, and are often depicted as soldiers, whereas cherubs are the angels of love. This is the ultimate symbol of masculinity within Japanese culture, and is a popular tattoo for those who want a visually stunning design.
As such, these warriors have come to be respected throughout history, and are perfect for those who hold these same strong values based on Zen Buddhist Principles. Japanese tattoos would often use the whole body as a canvas, meaning that tattoo designs would be intricate and take hours and hours to complete.
The samurai warrior is often pictured with the cherry blossom, symbolising the fragile life of the warrior. But still, I couldn’t help but wonder “Again?” when my husband and I faced yet another verbal tug-of-war with our daughter, Amy.
Thanks so much for sharing your heart and tackling this tough topic with such transparency and encouragement! I do agree with Gina the child should evaluate why they want them and what it is they want.
These days, gun tattoos are even being used as symbols of peace acting against gun violence.
Some people will simply make use of a gun that looks like it’s attached to a holster, where others will use two guns as a way of pointing to an area of the body. A guardian angel could be a friend who was with you throughout hard times, or it could simply be a strength that you find within yourself.

The angel you choose will often have a close personal reflection to the events that have shaped your life, and the names of loved ones are often added to tattoos of cupid. These tattoos can also be seen to remind the wearer of the fact that life is never certain. The Bible states we are not to mar or cut our bodies, but this is in reference to worshipping other gods. Then proceed to ask them to wait. Wait until they are finished with college and have a steady job. We are given these bodies to be used as temples and this isn’t something to be taken lightly.
If they are wanting some skull on fire or something odd, lol then OK I would be a little disturbed by that choice and wonder why they want it. In recent years celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and David Beckham have embraced the angel design in their tattoos. I remember sitting in church as a little girl, looking at a beautifully and intricately detailed unicorn on the woman’s shoulder in front of me. Tattoos can and do affect employment opportunities  Besides they have the whole rest of their lives to get tattooed.
I have verses and quotes on me and even part of a For King & Country song tattooed on me to remind me everyday what I have overcome and to remind me to love others like Christ did (with or without tattoos). The tattoo itself wasn’t offensive: She wanted to get the Spanish translation of “Beloved” – the meaning of her name – tattooed at the base of her neck.

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