DIY Temporary tattoo This is perfect for when I'm trying to decide on which tattoo to get and where it'll look the best on my body! Dreamcatcher tattoo design by ~thirteen7s on deviantART i absolutely love how the sun and planets are in the center!!! Make a sharpie tattoo that lasts a month - good to know if you're not 100% sure about getting a permanent tattoo as well :)!
Trinity Knot Claddagh Tattoo: The claddagh is an Irish symbol of love, loyalty and friendship.

This isn't entirely true depending on how one's skin holds and reacts to the ink will determine how long it last.
I'm thinking about doing something similar but instead of "love" it would say "hope" which is also my moms name in english. Combine the claddagh with the trinity knot or better known as the Irish love knot and its magical. Because of this, the phoenix is a symbol of eternal life, rebirth, transformation through fire, and healing.

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