And may I add you're gorgeous, hope everyday you see yourself and your ink and remeber that!!! That takes alot of courage admitting that and to know that u had the strength to overcome what u went thru.. This is my first tattoo i am currently a recovering Anorexic binge purge type, classed as EDNOS, due to having all the symptoms of anorexia but not classified under the weight requirements.
I struggled with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating and thought I would never get through my sickness. After her recovery, I went with her for her first tattoo; a dragon head with the NEDA symbol, for strength. It reminds me that I only have only life to live and I don’t want to spend it in a living hell that I am doing to myself.

Something clicked and my eating disorder is finally out of my life for good, and I got this tattoo to remind me of the hardest fight in my life, the fight to treat my body right and to feed myself properly. But lately the good days have far outnumbered the bad days, and I’m still holding out for full recovery in the future. After being released from the hospital last year, I was struggling between recovery and staying sick.
Purple is the color for bulimia recovery and the lotus flower starts growing at the bottom of the lake in the mud and then as it grows it comes to the top of the lake and is a beautiful flower. The heart-like symbol is the National Eating Disorder Association's symbol for recovery, and the symbol's color is done in periwinkle which also stands for recovery. Until I reach that point, however, I have this little reminder of how much I’ve grown and how I know I can keep it going in the future.

Going through my eating disorder, I ruined relationships with my family, friends, and even God. I had a friend tell me I could over come and that everyone has the chance that you just have to try, that you can evolve into a better person no matter how complicated it seems and is. Although I still struggle somedays, this tattoo is a permanent reminder that its never to late to give recovery a chance and that its not impossible. I want to be there for other people struggling and show them that it is possible to overcome this horrible disease.

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