Lock and key consists of two different pictures; therefore it can be placed on different parts of body for maximum impact. More complex style of tattoo pictures lock and key together with other details like heart, skull, flower (mainly rose as a symbol of love) and etc.
Tattoo design must express something, whether it is the owner’s personality or the experience happens in their life. The heart tattoos depicted in this site vary greatly in their style and can go well with almost any look.
Lock and key has very long and interesting story so if you have decided to get such a unique tattoo you should know its meaning. There are many great designs provided for tattoo lovers, but just some that will be match with their taste. Besides of direct meaning lock and key are represented with metaphorical meaning; lock symbolizes woman, while key is a symbol of man.
This mission has been begun by people around the world, start from world peace campaign, doing real thing till tattooing their body with peace tattoo.

Key tattoos can be sported alone or they can be combined with various other elements and symbols. Lock and key when matching each other is interpreted as a perfect couple that can do magic. You can discover Key Tattoo Behind Ear guide and view the latest Key Tattoo Design in here. All music equipment has key to make a good sound.If you really want to have tattoo with the true key and lock, you can choose one of so many designs appears.
Some of the more frequently observed heart tattoos are hearts with arrows, pierced hearts, the Sacred Heart and heart with wings. Although each heart variation is characterized by the presence of specific symbols, colors and elements, these are not rigid, and can be combined in any way one wants. Hence key tattoos are used to convey a broad range of symbolic meanings such as mystery, freedom, a sense of purpose, imagination, possibility, opportunity, imprisonment, responsibility, capability, fantasy, secretiveness, security, ownership and the unknown.
Heart tattoos can also come with many other symbols, like birds, butterflies, flowers, barbed wires, stars and flames.

While one may choose to wear only a single key as a tattoo, a lock and key design is also equally popular.
Other symbols such as stars, ribbons, hearts and chains can also be incorporated in a key tattoo design. A very popular design is one where the key is drawn as a part of a bracelet, anklet or a necklace. Since, key tattoo has a simple design wrist is the elegant and seen body part.Key tattoo is not always seen because the meaning. And for music lover, especially piano, piano key tattoo would be great if it can be carved on their skin.

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