In other cultures, such as Japan, a fox (also called a kitsune), is also called the servant of Inari, tricksters, but also lovers.
In this page we’ve put together some really cool cursive font tattoo ideas for your inspiration. There are different styles of writing that you can use for text tattoos; however cursive font tattoos are certainly one of the most popular.

You can use whole words, long quotes, sayings, poems, or lyrics to feature the written script by itself. Altough some people (in different cultures) believed that the fox was some sort of trickster (read more about the idea here), while other considered that foxes have magic power, it’s not exactly like that. This type of intelligence can only increase with the age (so, it doesn’t matter your age, you can get a fox tattoo anyway).

These cursive font tattoos can also be transformed into a variety of shapes (infinity, heart, flower and more).

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