Wait, isn't that the part of the book that's responsible for everyone saying "yeah, it's a good book once you get past the first 100 pages"?
I will solve this mystery since I, just like the novelist Stieg Larsson, am a brilliant journalist!
ROONEY MARA enters and sits down, but totally doesn't give a shit about it because fuck you, man.
Rooney, you've been declared mentally incompetent by the state because your hair is weird and your earrings look kinda like the aforementioned hair.
I'll do this, but only because being emotionally scarred is the easiest way to add a shred of complexity to an invincible asskicking ninja bisexual super-hacker. This HAPPENS, and everyone in the AUDIENCE who came to see this the day after CHRISTMAS becomes filled with regret. It's safe to say you can expect more from the guy who directed Fight Club and The Social Network, right? Since I'm a super-genius, I've memorized all of the clues you have including the ones you didn't show me.
ROONEY and DANIEL slowly uncover clues by staring in disbelief at photographs on their laptops and then explaining their discoveries to the AUDIENCE by way of the nearest PRINCIPAL CAST MEMBER. Hey, one of these photographs has our disappearing girl looking afraid of someone across the street. So all we need is for the lady who took that picture forty years ago to still have it and be able to find it in amongst her collection of empty mayonnaise jars and National Geographics from the 80's! Well, girls who get brutally assraped typically go on to have normal, healthy sexual relationships with men afterwards, so there's no way this is a really, really, really bad idea. DANIEL breaks into the home of the person he suspects the most at the time when he is prepared to fight him the least.
STELLAN ties DANIEL up in his UNUSED SETPIECE FROM SAW III while listening to ENYA, because AMERICAN PSYCHO was a GOOD MOVIE. Before I kill you, I'm going to unzip your pants, since normally I bring women in here and it's habit.

ROONEY installs BACK ORIFICE and determines that the missing girl is alive and well and JOELY RICHARDSON.
Well they're dead, so you can go home and stop tormenting Christopher Plummer by sending him artwork that makes him think a cold-blooded murderer is taunting him annually. ROONEY buys DANIEL a jacket but sees him hold ROBIN WRIGHT'S HAND so she throws it in the garbage, rides home in the dark, and cuts herself while listening to MARILYN MANSON. Well that was fun, but I really don't think I want to direct the adaptations of the other books in the series.
The Editing Room has been around since 1998 and features over 800 Abridged Scripts for movies. No, it has literally never been this easy to make a movie that's better than the book, just get on with it. I am hiring you to investigate the disappearance of my 10-year-old blond niece forty years ago. As a result I've been assigned as your guardian to manage all of your finances, which I'm more than happy to do after putting my greasy wiener in your mouth. Now I will seek revenge by sodomizing you with a steel dildo and tattooing you with the list of movie roles you will never be offered because you took this one! She was very bright and set to inherit the family business, but then she disappeared and I took over instead. But since this is adapted from a critically acclaimed bestseller, it must be much more complex. He seems to combine the ridiculous code-based clues of David Fincher's Zodiac killer with the religious zealotry of David Fincher's Se7en killer. Wait a second, why are you the only actor in the movie who was allowed to keep your English accent? I know Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are proud of their ability to put a microphone in a tiny room with fifty keyboards and a couple of cats, but Jesus. We should be able to solve this right around when the audience members start cupping their hands around their cell phones to see what time it is.

I just realized we haven't had one of those scenes where each murder is placed on a map in order to jump to some far-fetched conclusion! Should we use this as an opportunity to show off my hacking skills or should I just generally act like an asshole alien to everyone with whom I come in contact?
It's actually pretty funny that's the real reason but you do NOT want to be the one person in the theater that laughs during this scene. Rooney is going to figure out the exact same thing as me at the exact same time, so in order for her character to not be completely worthless she'll have to rescue me!
Killing dozens of immigrant girls is one thing but killing a white girl is crossing the line! He said he didn't, and frankly I have no reason not to believe him, he seems like a stand-up guy. I could hack her computer, since doing so is completely effortless and allows me to stream someone's desktop to my machine with infinite bandwidth. I ran away because my father was a serial murderer and then my brother also became a different serial murderer. I just think I have more to offer the world than gloomily-shot adaptations of best-selling psychological mystery novels. Abridged Scripts are short(-ish) screenplays for films that just cover the highlights - think of them as Cliff's Notes for your favorite movies, except Cliff is an asshole and thinks your favorite movie sucks. They will need to be applied using Fable Explorer, so I put them here instead of in the custom tat post.
You will have to interrogate my family, who all live on this island except one 50-year-old blond woman.

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