Hip Tattoos can be seductive, tantalizing and oh so sexy on women, but they can also be completely lame and cliche. Whether you have a couple of nautical stars or some more traditional star shapes on your hip from an earlier visit to a tattoo parlor, you can get them converted to spectacular pieces. Dragons have been a part of mythology for a couple of millenia, but they haven’t really caught on in the tattoo world until today. The disintegrating feather tattoo is quickly becoming popular with artists, especially writers who use the symbolism from the old-style caligraphic pens.
Check out this awesome Rihanna tattoo that says “ Forgiveness, Truth, Repression, Calmness” in a cool foreign font. Peacock and peacock feather tattoos are gaining a great amount of popularity with women around the world.
This tattoo is a little dark, but is perfect if you want to portray the brooding, sexy type of woman you know you are.
This is another tattoo idea if you are into the dark side, but not fully committed to getting all of the ghastly imagery.
Cheetah prints, tigers, lush tropical flowers and other images are fine and dandy on their own, but if you want something that really stands out, incorporate them all into a cohesive jungle collage as seen in the above tattoo. Day of the Dead is a staple in Mexican culture and the imagery from the holiday is becoming more prominent in America thanks to the influence of immigrants.
Probably the complete opposite of the Dia de los Muertos tattoo, this Aztec-inspired phoenix tattoo is the universal symbol for life and resurrection. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The real meaning of life explained in one line through this quote carved on the inside of the forearm.
Dare to see beyond the conventional limits and then you will realise how adventurous life is. The eternal reality of life finds an expression in this tattoo quote, carved in small letters, on the ribs. Forearm tattoo bearing a significant message for those who do not believe in themselves despite having potential. Awesome quote taken from Bob Marley’s song and inked in gorgeous combination of black and red on the arm. Lines from the song of the famous band that indicate towards the everlasting nature of love. This sexy tattoo carved above the hips is an expression of confidence that success will follow eventually.

Taken from the famous Beatles lyrics, this quote reveals the bitter-sweet reality whether we accept it or not. Lewis Carrol’s famous character Alice expressed her heartfelt desire through these words, carved on foot. Carved in bold irregular font, this quotation inspires self-belief and faith in one’s ability. Only self-awareness and discipline can lead others to follow the path you want others to follow. Carved in bold capital letters, this tattoo with a gun shape hidden in the words looks cool. Being content with what god has given to us is the real key to happiness, this is the meaning of the quote.
Now that we’ve come to the bottom of the list you have probably saw some good tattoo quotes that you thoroughly enjoy.
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If you go and search up epilepsy tattoo there are great tattoo’s the best one is the one with a black butterfly and in between the wings is a purple ribbon to represent epilepsy.
I’d like to know if anyone knows what font was used on the Doors of Percetion tattoo?
16 today gona get a tattoo with the font of the shoulder tat on my chest with a different quote :P “Who are you to judge the life I live?
Too many women decide to get a tattoo straight from the wall of a parlor during their college years as an act of defiance or rebellion, but regret it later on when they realize that the piece of ink doesn’t really mean that much to them.
You can transform that anchor, flower, dolphin or other corny piece of imagery into something that truly stands out with the help of a professional artist. Get a galaxy or universe out of your traditional star shapes or a sick nautical themed hip tattoo if you got ink during your emo days. If so, you might think it’s cool to get a couple of pistol tattoos on your natural gun holsters.
Getting a full-sized dragon hip tattoo will demonstrate no fear and make you stand out compared to all of the other girls who decide to get butterflies. This is a great hip tattoo to get if you regret getting a bird tattoo earlier in your life and are in need of a good cover up. If you are looking to get a quote tattoo anywhere on your body, your hip area is the best place to display it if you wear a lot of swimsuits, low cut jeans or crop tops. If you got one when you were younger, any tattoo artist worth a lick can transform your solitary flower into an intricate floral pattern design that will leave all who see it mesmerized.

This awesome hip tattoo uses a full-sized bird with black and white shades underneath a floral arrangement. Check out the awesome skull at the bottom and the ghost of the woman who ascends above the ribcage. If you have done some research and found out that meat products aren’t for you, let the world know it by getting a vegan hip tattoo that shows off your commitment to this subculture. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
It has so many turns and twists that a person always keeps wondering about its real nature and the meaning of life.
My 18 year old son had a rugged cross with the purple ribbon hanging around the cross that was designed like it had been whipped in the wind(like the american flag looks worn from the wind) tattooed on his chest. If you are a little more mature and know what you’re doing, you can go into any tattoo parlor with a blank hip canvass and get a spectacular tattoo.
The clock in the middle reminds us that we don’t have an infinite amount of time on this planet, or in this body. Certain quotes have the power to inspire people and remind them of where they came from and where they are going.
If you’re looking to break the norm a little bit, try getting one of these mesmerizing tattoo designs. Known as good tattoo quotes, these tattoo designs bear the famous quotations from great men and women as well as singers. A man keeps striving to deal with its uncertain ways and during the course finds the knowledge of these blessed souls pretty beneficial and kind of interesting. They are carved on different body parts and are related to various facets of life such as love, respect, courage, success, failure, truth, etc. We have seen the practice of sharing “thought of the day” and other quotations in myriad ways in our personal life, as well as our professional life. Today, we bring for you 25 good tattoo quotes that have been compiled after doing some serious research on thousands of good quotes.

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